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Our suitcases come with either a padlock & key or an integrated 3 digit combination Travel Sentry® Approved lock. If you have a suitcase with an integrated combination lock please click on the collection name for the specific instructions.

If you need any further assistance setting your lock please email our customer service team: customerservice@tripp.co.uk


Luggage Collection

Please click on the collection name below for instructions on how to set your lock for your suitcase or bag.

Holiday 6, World, Chic, Escape  

Lite 4W

Absolute Lite, Style Lite

Supreme Lock

Horizon and Retro

We have a huge variety of suitcases with integrated TSA locks, you can shop them here.

As well as suitcases with integrated locks, we also have a great assortment of lightweight stylish soft suitcases.  These all come with a padlock and key.  

What is TSA LOCK™?

A global security system that allows luggage to be locked, whilst permitting se­curity authorities to open and inspect the contents, without damage to the lock, or inconvenience to the passenger.

Why is the Red Diamond indispensable for travellers?

When purchasing luggage or padlocks, passengers choosing to buy products equipped with the TSA LOCK™ comply with regulations and won’t face the risk to have their luggage broken open by security.

What does TSA LOCK™ Global Standard mean for travellers?

It is integral to the systematic inspection of luggage going through an airport. The TSA LOCK™ system is implemented in excess of 600 airports, across the USA, Canada, Japan, Israel, Finland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzer­land, South Korea, New Zealand and is still expanding. Security agencies in these countries are equipped with secured tools to allow them to open, inspect and re-lock luggage.

TSA LOCK™ can also be used for travel to all other countries.

For further information please visit www.travelsentry.org for more information.


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