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Hard or Soft Luggage

Our suitcases are classified as either hard or soft depending on the material they are made from. Both hard and soft Tripp cases are lightweight.  Hard shell cases are tough, durable and incredibly strong.  Soft cases while still strong are more flexible and often come with additional features such as expandability and pockets.

Tripp also offers a large range of bags including wheeled duffles, flight bags, holdalls and accessories.  You can shop all bags here.




Our soft suitcase collections are made from woven polyester, a hard wearing fabric.

Soft cases are more flexible meaning there is some give in the material for squeezing in extra holiday purchases! Expandability can give up to 22% more space which is perfect for those souvenirs.  The front and back pockets on most of our soft cases are great for storing travel essentials while travelling to and from the airport.

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Hard shell suitcases are made from either ABS or Polypropylene. All are incredibly strong, tough and durable.

Our ABS cases are very strong and durable and made using recycled material, with 50% of the shell made from recycled ABS.  ABS is extremely tough and is used in crash helmets.

Polypropylene is incredibly strong and has high impact properties, it is widely used for other products including car bumpers due to the nature of its high strength qualities.

The majority of hard cases come with an integrated combination TSA lock for security.  For more information please see the lock guide.

The majority of our hard cases are secured with a high quality zip around the shell, however we do also offer non-zip cases which are secured with clip locks for enhanced security.