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Enhance your travels with Tripp's essential accessories. We have a whole host of travel accessories aimed at travellers looking for a smoother journey. Ensure a seamless journey with Tripp's travel accessories, your ideal companions for any adventure. View our travel and luggage accessories below and make sure that you don't miss them out on your holiday packing list!

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Tripp Banana Luggage TagTripp Banana Luggage Tag
Tripp Banana Luggage Tag
Luggage Tags
€3.00 €5.00 Save 40%
5  (25)
Tripp Ocean Luggage TagTripp Ocean Luggage Tag
Tripp Ocean Luggage Tag
Luggage Tags
€3.00 €5.00 Save 40%
5  (23)

Tripp Poppy 'Accessories' luggage tagTripp Poppy 'Accessories' luggage tag
Tripp Poppy 'Accessories' luggage tag
Luggage Tags
€3.00 €5.00 Save 40%
5  (7)
Tripp Watermelon Luggage TagTripp Watermelon Luggage Tag
Tripp Watermelon Luggage Tag
Luggage Tags
€3.00 €5.00 Save 40%
5  (44)

Tripp Cool Mint Luggage TagTripp Cool Mint Luggage Tag
Tripp Cool Mint Luggage Tag
Luggage Tags
€3.00 €5.00 Save 40%
5  (12)


How do you accessorise a suitcase? ↓

Accessorising a suitcase can be both practical and stylish. Tripp offers a range of accessories like colourful luggage tags and straps to add a personal touch to your luggage. These not only make your suitcase stand out but also add an extra layer of security.

Should I put a luggage tag on my suitcase? ↓

Yes, a luggage tag is essential. It helps in identifying your luggage and aids in recovery if it gets lost. Tripp offers a variety of luggage tags to suit your style and needs.

Should I put my phone number on my luggage tag? ↓

Including your phone number on your luggage tag is recommended. It provides a quick way for someone to contact you if your luggage is misplaced. Ensure you use a secure tag like those available from Tripp to protect your information.

What do I put on my suitcase to identify it? ↓

Besides luggage tags, you can use distinctive straps or unique identifiers like stickers or ribbons. Tripp's range of accessories includes various options to make your suitcase easily identifiable.

Should I put my name and address on my luggage? ↓

Putting your name and address on your luggage can be beneficial for identification purposes. However, consider using a covered luggage tag from Tripp to keep your details secure yet accessible when needed.