Supreme Lock


How to reset the combination

The default combination is 0-0-0. If you want to reset the combination, please follow the below steps:

  1. Lift button to unlock.
  2. Find the reset button (1) at the back of the lock. Turn it from ‘OFF’ to ‘SET’
  3. Turn the dials (2) to your desired code (e.g. 8-8-8)
  4. Turn back the reset button (1) from ‘SET’ to ‘OFF’

Resetting is done. Repeat above steps if you want to reset a new combination.

How to use the combination lock

  1. Turn the dials (2) to your own combination in the combination window. Lift button to open the lock
  2. Press down the lock and slide the numbers on the dials (2) to a random combination to lock


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