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A lightweight and stylish collection available in a high gloss finish and eye catching colours.
  • Stylish and lightweight
  • Secure integrated combination lock approved by the TSA
  • Comes with a 5 year guarantee

Tripp blush 'Chic' cabin 4-wheel suitcaseTripp blush 'Chic' cabin 4-wheel suitcase
Save 5%
Was €69.00Now €65.00
Tripp blush 'Chic' large 4-wheel suitcaseTripp blush 'Chic' large 4-wheel suitcase
Save 11%
Was €89.00Now €79.00

Tripp blush 'Chic' medium 4-wheel suitcaseTripp blush 'Chic' medium 4-wheel suitcase
Save 9%
Was €72.00Now €65.00
Tripp white gloss 'Chic' 4 wheel medium suitcaseTripp white gloss 'Chic' 4 wheel medium suitcase
Save 74%
Was €175.00Then €49.00 Now €45.00