Which bag is best for travelling?


For many, suitcases are the go-to choice for carrying their belongings but depending upon your destination or duration, there may be a better choice of luggage. When we mention destination being a factor to consider, we don't mean the obvious such as a bag is easier to transport up a Tibetan mountain than a suitcase, we simply mean accommodation size or logistics of getting to your accommodation is always something you should consider. Let's take a look at some of our alternatives to suitcases and see if we have a bag with your name on it (and hopefully a luggage tag).


Which travel bags are best?


What a question! This one gets asked a lot, but again it all depends on your needs. Sporting something like a duffel bag, flight bag, or holdall can offer an added level of convenience for shorter stays, and as you can expect with our travel bags, we have a stylish selection to choose from. Here are just a few suitcase alternatives at Tripp.


Duffle Bags


More and more travellers are taking duffle bags away with them on their travels, offering a simplistic and stylish luggage solution when weight restrictions are an issue. With their flexible structure, they can easily be manoeuvred into sometimes awkward spaces such as overhead lockers or even car boots. Depending upon your choice many duffle bags feature wheels, making it easy to switch between rolling them behind you or putting them over your shoulder.



At Tripp, we have wheeled and non-wheeled duffle bags in large and medium sizes that are perfect for shorter stays. Our Clam Shell Duffles feature two separate compartments to help with organisation and make searching through your bag a doddle!  The clam shell wheeled duffle bags are your closest bag to a suitcase, they open in the middle like our suitcases do, but have all the benefits of a low-key paired back bag, perfect for chucking in the boot or dashing off for a train for a last minute weekend get away.

Check out our range here: https://www.tripp.co.uk/bags/wheeled-duffles/c214 


Flight Bags



Another ideal travel bag to be used as hand luggage is a flight bag, sometimes known as a pilot's bag or a topper. This zippered bag with handles and shoulder strap makes not only a chic fashion accessory but is perfect for keeping your most valuable possessions safe and within reaching distance. Our flight bags feature a smart sleeve that allows you to attach them to your suitcase, for easier and safer airport movement.


The initial use of flight bags was for pilots to bring their plane manuals and logbooks onboard easily, but we think they are perfect for carrying everything from electronic gadgets to travel pillows and cosmetics (that fit within the 100ml guidelines obviously!).

Discover our range of flight bags here: https://www.tripp.co.uk/bags/flight-bags/c230




Heading away for a weekend but don't want to take a suitcase? Whilst our extensive range of cases are lightweight and durable, sometimes for a shorter break, you may want something a little less bulky, or you might 

not fancy going up into the loft to drag out your trusty suitcase for a weekend away. That's where a holdall can come in handy against other cases or other travel bag types. With a range of colours, styles, and sizes, our Tripp holdall’s are the perfect item to have at your disposal, and with plain and patterned options available, they’re sure to catch your eye!



Since holdalls weigh next to nothing and can easily be compressed and stored when empty and moved into smaller spaces such as overhead lockers with ease during flights, it makes them the perfect carry-on luggage. Our holdall side pockets make a convenient place to store your travel documents for easy access, while the shoulder straps and handles make using them super simple to use when navigating busy airports. 

As with many of our travel bags, our travel holdalls feature smart sleeves so they can easily be attached to your luggage making them a great topper bag to sit on top of your Tripp suitcase.

View our holdall collection here: https://www.tripp.co.uk/bags/holdalls/c228



Totes are another great solution if you’re looking to travel lightly. These stylish travel bags have a slightly larger capacity than holdalls meaning you can squeeze a few more items or outfits in. The soft material means they too can be easily compressed and stored. They come with an adjustable and removable shoulder strap for ease of travelling. They are the perfect bag to use for a long weekend, to take on board your flight or even as a gym bag!

View our tote collection here

Summary: is it better to travel with a suitcase or travel bag?

Of course it depends entirely on your situation, taking into account destination, length of stay, and holiday itinerary. Travel bags make for great carry-on luggage and can be easier to store or access your possessions while travelling, but if you are heading away for a short break, or by car or train, a travel bag makes the ultimate vacay companion and is the perfect addition to your Tripp suitcases!


Image by @tanya.whitlock via Instagram


Our collection of travel bags are available in a wide range of designs and will make your travels a stylish affair!

View our full collection of travel bags here:https://www.tripp.co.uk/bags/c1-all 

Many of them have coordinating suitcases to match so you really can have a whole family of suitcases and bags to suit all your travel needs.

4th August 2022

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