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Family holidays are a time when we can spend some quality time with each other and get away from the stresses and strains of everyday life. The secret to planning a stress free family holiday is the organisation, and ensuring everyone has the right clothes and accessories for the duration of their stay is no easy task. We know all too well that family holidays can be organised chaos, but ensuring you have the best family sized suitcases is the first step to holiday bliss. From their swimming costumes to their favourite bedtime story book, it's important to have enough room so nothing important is left at home!

Keep reading for our top tips and recommendations to help keep your stress levels low and your enjoyment levels high!



Family suitcases to suit all needs at Tripp

Offering flexibility, style and plenty of room, we have a fabulous selection of family-sized suitcases for you to choose from. All Tripp suitcases come with a 5-year guarantee, making them perfect for those looking for family luggage that will stand the test of time, combine that with an extensive selection of eye-catching colours and designs, and you will see why we are the most popular choice for luggage within the UK.

We understand how important storage is in busy family homes. To maximise storage space cases from the same suitcase collection set have been designed to be stored within each other. For example, a Holiday 6 Cabin will fit inside a Holiday 6 Medium. A Holiday 6 medium will, in turn, fit inside a Holiday 6 Large. Store 3 cases in 1!


Family Sized Luggage: Our Collections

You may think that when it comes to deciding upon family holiday suitcases, that bigger is better, but think again. Factors such as weight restrictions may mean that you are never able to fill those large cases up to the max, making their size pointless in many cases. Travelling with families, especially those with younger children, might find medium-size cases much easier to manoeuvre if lugging buggies, chairs or numerous other bags around. 



“What family suitcase should I choose?” is a question that we are often asked by our customers who are looking for a good all-around case for travelling with their family. We would in the first instance recommend our ‘Holiday 6 range’ due to them being lightweight, stylish, and available in a range of eye-catching colours. We often see families mix and match the colours of their ‘Holiday 6’ suitcases to suit their individual style, and combine matching cabin cases too.  This offers not only fabulous practicality whilst travelling, but also making a stylish statement on the go.  Even better, with the bright colours of the Holiday 6 collection, you will always spot them on the carousel so you won’t spend precious time trawling through endless black suitcases trying to find your last suitcase!

These cases also have internal packing straps to hold your clothes in place, and one side has a mesh divider so you can zip one half completely shut.

Our ‘Holiday 6’ suitcases are so popular and much loved that we are bringing back past colours due to customer demand and popularity, including the customer favourite Banana and Flamingo colours. These will be back in stock during July 2022 and are not to be missed!

Our Holiday 6 luggage collection is also Good Housekeeping approved so you can be assured of the quality of the cases that you will be receiving!



View the Holiday 6 Collection now

Other great choices for family suitcases include the ‘Escape’ and ‘Chic’ lines, both of which are durable, bright and eye-catching, and perfect for spotting on luggage carousels. Again, both of these luggage collections come highly recommended and Escape is Good Housekeeping approved.

You may feel that you need a suitcase that has easily accessible pockets on the front of the case for travel documents, some of our soft-side cases have these feature including Style Lite and Full Circle.  Both ranges come with accompanying bags including flight bags that make a great topper to a suitcase, ensuring you have easy access to those all-important travel essentials.  

If bright colours aren’t your thing, then fear not!  We have a fab assortment of Black and Grey suitcases that would suit your family.  Our helpful tip would be to add a bright luggage tag or strap so that your case is easily identifiable at the carousel – we’ve all been there, after a long flight, waiting in misery as the 150th black suitcase makes its way round the carousel.  Visit our luggage tags and accessories here.  These funky tags and straps are great additions to kids luggage too, they’re eye catching, fun and super affordable.


Suitcase ideas for little ones - Their own cases!



If you have no travel restrictions to follow, then it's a great idea to give your children their own case with their belongings in. Not only will this give them some more responsibility to carry them, but help you when it comes to packing their items! This depends on their ages of course and may not be so simple if you have airline baggage restrictions to adhere to.

Children do respond well to being given more independence so it makes sense to offer them the option of having their own cases. It may also teach them how to be more responsible for their belongings and help them understand and visualise that they can't take every single toy or book with them!

We at Tripp have many ‘smaller’ cabin-sized cases that are the perfect size for a child's first suitcase. As you will see many are available in bright colours and are immediately appealing to little ones, many of our suitcases are equipped with four brilliant 360 degree wheels and telescopic handles make them easy for little ones to bring on the go. 


‘Holiday 6’ Collection



If you are looking for a cabin-sized case that would make a wonderful kid's suitcase, a bright eye catching Cabin from our Holiday 6 collection would be ideal. Lightweight, hard shell, secure, and available in different colours, the Holiday 6 collection is a great choice for kid's starter cases. 

If you need any more convincing, the Independent recently voted the Holiday Cabin the ‘Best Buy’ for kids luggage with a 10/10 rating!

View our cases now.




Our ‘World’ suitcases feature a modern and sleek look and are extremely durable, perfect for any knocks they may take. With their unique looks, ‘World’ cases look very enticing to younger eyes, something that may help to encourage them to tote them along themselves! 4 wheels make light work for even small hands to manoeuvre along, with TSA integrated locks keeping contents safe and sound.

View our cases now.


Chic cabin cases for kids




Our Chic range of cases is another popular collection for those seeking kid's suitcases, taking advantage of Chic’s modern looks, top grab handles, and weight (or lack of!). As with all of our cases you will find both cabin and hold versions, you can easily mix or match cases, designs, and colours.

View our cases now.


As you can see, choosing luggage for your next family holiday depends significantly upon your circumstances. Destination, itineraries, children's ages and location are all items to consider to ensure you make the best possible choice. One thing that you can wholly rely on is that choosing one of our practical, stylish and durable cases will offer you full peace of mind. Discover our full range of suitcases, travel bags, and more now and discover why Tripp is the UK’s number one luggage provider with a fabulous reputation with travellers. 


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14th July 2022

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