Our Guide to Holidays in Greece

If you haven’t yet travelled to Greece, this summer is your chance! Greece has been a popular summer holiday destination for many years due to its sunshine and various beautiful locations. With numerous different Greek Islands, there are endless exploring opportunities along the pristine coastlines and many cultural sites to visit. 


Where Is The Best Area To Stay In Greece? 

There are so many great options for where to stay in Greece, from the mainland of Greece to the vast Greek Islands. 

Athens holidays are a great choice, with Athens being the capital of Greece there is so much to see including the Acropolis. Perfect for a city break or a week-long summer vacation with the family, endless historical sites are waiting for you to explore. 

Athens has so much to offer for people of all ages. There is a unique mix of history and culture to be explored, a great nightlife, and surrounded by beautiful sea; therefore, lots of coastal paths, beaches and sea views to visit. 

If you're not looking for a city break for your upcoming Greece holiday, continue reading to learn about the Greek Islands that attract countless tourists yearly. 


Which Is The Best Greek Island To Go To?

A popular question that is asked every year when travellers decide where to vacation is, which is the best Greek island to go on holiday? Greek Island holidays are a great chance to relax and unwind as a couple, family or even a solo trip away. 

When you visit any Greek Island, you will likely have the opportunity to hire a boat for a few hours to explore the coast and the chance to hire a quad bike for the day. These activities are great for a family holiday or if you're just escaping on a romantic holiday. 

Crete Holidays

Is Crete nice for a holiday? Holidays in Crete have so much to offer, with it being the largest Greek Island. You can tour archaeological sites, museums, ruins, and beaches, perfect for holiday goers. In addition, Crete has such a wide variety of services; visitors may tailor their experience.

Santorini Holidays

Santorini remains traditional to this day, with its traditional building architecture and narrow streets. Almost anywhere you go on the island will present you with the most stunning view. Knowing which part of Santorini is best to stay in can be hard when you haven’t visited before, but we highly recommend the island's west side. The west is where all the famous views are; however, it is the island's more expensive and premium side.

Zante Holidays 

Zante has some of the most amazing beaches and coves with crystal-clear waters. Zante beaches are great for soaking up the sun and having a cocktail or two to unwind with your family or friends. A lot of people wonder the same question, is Zante a party island? The quick answer to this question is yes. With it being a short three-hour flight from the UK, Zante is one of the most popular party islands in Europe for young adults.

Corfu Holidays

Corfu is known for its charming architecture and is undoubtedly a beautiful island to go to for your summer holidays. However, picking the right time to visit Corfu is necessary to catch the warm weather. So what is the best month to go to Corfu? The best time to visit Corfu is when the summer season starts between June and August. 

Is Greece Good For Family Holiday?

With the endless location options in Greece, a common question is: Where in Greece is best for a family holiday?  Any Greece vacation is excellent for all the family. With endless sandy beaches there is a wide range of infinite water sports and beach activities wherever you go, meaning there is always something for everyone. 

All-Inclusive Greece Holidays

All inclusive Greece holidays are a popular choice for a lot of people when they travel to a Greek Island for their summer holidays, just for the simple fact it makes relaxing by the pool that little bit easier when you don’t need to worry about deciding what to have or where to go for your next meal. Greece all inclusive resorts have so much to offer aside from the food and drinks; the free entertainment alone is enough for families to book Greece vacation packages. All packages also include your flights and transfers to and from the hotel, taking the stress of planning every detail of your holiday away from you. TUI is an excellent holiday package service where you can search for the best TUI Greece all inclusive holiday deals for your upcoming summer plans. 


Luggage For Your Upcoming Greek Holiday

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23rd June 2023

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