Our Guide To Baggage Allowances For Lufthansa

With the summer holidays just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about your luggage and the restrictions you might have with your airline. In this blog, we have decided to help those flying with Lufthansa Airlines this summer and answer that popular question of what is Lufthansa baggage allowance? Lufthansa baggage allowance and Lufthansa baggage dimension restrictions for cabin bags differ depending on different factors, including route, travel class and fare, so we have the answers below.


Lufthansa Hand Luggage

When flying with Lufthansa Airlines, each traveller gets at least one item of carry-on luggage which can weigh up to but no more than 8kg. However, if you are travelling either Business Class or First Class, you can bring extra carry-on baggage with Lufthansa Airlines, a total of 2 carry-on baggage items. All carry-on baggage bags must also meet the set Lufthansa carry-on size dimension restrictions, which are max. 50 x 40 x 23 cm. 

Each traveller can also carry a small item of baggage, such as a handbag or laptop bag, on board if they adhere to the dimension restrictions of 30 x 40 x 10cm. 

At Tripp, we have a great selection of travel bags which would fit within Lufthansa's hand luggage restrictions outlined above. Read below for our suggested Lufthansa cabin bags. 

Shop Our ‘Full Circle II’ Flight Bag

The ‘Full Circle’ flight bag has a smart sleeve that makes it the ideal luggage topper bag and is the best travel bag for checking in as cabin luggage. This bag complies with Ryanair’s cabin baggage policy and EasyJet’s under-seat baggage policy.

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The Tripp graphite ‘Style Lite’ flight bag is a stylish, lightweight, premium soft side travel bag. This travel bag has a smart sleeve, which makes it the perfect bag to put on top of your suitcase. 

Shop Our ‘Azalea’ Holdall

The ‘Azalea’ holdall is ideal for taking on board as cabin luggage or for a weekend away staycation. Featuring an adjustable and removable shoulder strap, this can be adjusted for your comfort when travelling. 


Lufthansa Hold Baggage

The size, weight and quantity of free Lufthansa checked baggage items permitted for your flight with Lufthansa Airlines are subject to several criteria. Lufthansa checked baggage size has to be a maximum size of 158cm (width + height + depth).

Please visit Lufthansa airline’s website for more information regarding Lufthansa luggage allowances, including for travelling within Europe, depending on your ticket type. 

Click here for more information on Lufthansa's hold baggage allowances.

We have many possible Lufthansa hold baggage suitcase options here at Tripp. Below we have suggested three different suitcase collection options for your upcoming flight with Lufthansa. 

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Our ‘Escape’ expandable medium suitcase is made from tough and durable polypropylene, therefore dependable for all your travel needs. The expandable feature is excellent for those planning an extra long trip due to the ability to create extra packing space for all your belongings.

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The ‘Style Lite Hard’ medium suitcase has been designed with four wheels for easy manoeuvrability when travelling. It is sophisticated in design and the perfect suitcase to add to any existing luggage collection. Also, featuring a TSA lock for security provides peace of mind.

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Our ‘Superlite’ medium 4-wheel suitcase is stylish in design whilst also being lightweight. With the option to expand for extra room, this is the perfect suitcase for long and short trips away from home.


Lufthansa Baggage Allowance FAQ

If you want answers to Lufthansa FAQs about baggage, read below for our responses to common Luftansa questions.

Can I add extra baggage after booking with Lufthansa?

Passengers travelling in Economy, Premium Economy, Business and First Class can book extra items of baggage for a fee on arrival at the airport at the Lufthansa service counter. You can also book excess baggage online by managing your booking.

Does Lufthansa's economy include baggage?

For a charge, you can reserve one piece of luggage per journey weighing up to 23kg if you are travelling ‘Economy Class Light’. Even if there is a connection, the outgoing and return flights count as one journey.

How much is excess baggage on Lufthansa?

Lufthansa Airlines charges a flat rate for excess baggage if your baggage exceeds the permitted weight and/or dimensions, or the number of checked pieces of luggage exceeds the allowance. The fee can be calculated using their baggage calculator; to view, click here.

Is Lufthansa strict about carry-on weight?

All carry-on baggage must weigh at most 8kg per bag. 

All Tripp luggage comes with our trusty Tripp 5-year guarantee upon purchase, providing you with the peace of mind that your luggage will last for all your upcoming travel plans this summer and many more years to come. To browse all our suitcase options, click here, and if you're looking for that perfect travel bag, click here.

All details in this blog were correct when writing (May 2023). However, please always check with your airline before travelling as their allowance may change.




19th June 2023

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