6 Travel Gifts For Dad That He'll Love!

Father’s Day is coming up fast this year, falling on June 18th, 2023. Father’s Day is a chance for us all to celebrate our dads, stepdads, grandfathers and father figures and honour them for all the hard work they do for us every day. 

If you are planning Father’s Day this year, let us help you find the perfect gift to present to that man closest to you. Are they known for constant travelling for enjoyment or work? We have a great range of travel gifts for dads at Tripp. Father’s Day travel gifts are a great necessity that will be appreciated and used for years.


Our travel gift ideas for him

We have researched for you to find the perfect travel gifts for Dad this Father’s Day. Gifts for dads who travel a lot are ideal when you're unsure what to gift for the father figure in your life. 

We have chosen six travel gift ideas for him: 

  1. Suitcases

  2. Cabin bag

  3. Flight bags 

  4. Holdalls 

  5. Travel pillows

  6. Suit bags


1. Give the gift of a suitcase

If you’re planning a family trip away for Father’s Day this year, why not surprise your dad with a suitcase as a gift to go alongside the family getaway to be the best travel gift for him? Tripp has a great selection of suitcase collections, with suitcases available in both large and medium sizes and comes with a matching cabin-sized suitcase.

H3: Shop Our ‘Retro II’ Suitcase

Our ‘Retro II’ suitcase collection has been designed to have an impact-resistant ABS shell to protect against all the bumps that could arise when travelling. This is the best travel gift for men with a sleek and sophisticated design. In addition, our ‘Retro II’ suitcase now has an integrated TSA lock for extra travel security. 

H3: Shop Our ‘Chic’ Suitcase

Our modern 4-wheel ‘Chic’ suitcase collection is known for being exceptionally lightweight whilst still looking sleek and stylish. Made from tough and durable polypropylene, this suitcase collection is up to the challenge of being used continuously by an avid traveller. 

H3: Shop Our ‘Absolute Lite’ Suitcase

Our ‘Absolute Lite’ suitcases are made from tough and durable ABS, of which 50% is recycled. Available in both medium and large sizes, our Absolute Lite suitcases are part of an elegant collection and come in three fabulous colourways; pewter, ice blue and grape. A great perk of our medium-sized Absolute Lite suitcase is that you can expand the suitcase out to allow for more capacity when travelling, which makes the perfect suitcase a gift.


2. How about a Cabin Bag Gift for him?

How to choose carry-on luggage for your dad this Father’s Day all comes down to selecting a dependable and versatile cabin bag which can be used for different travelling occasions. A cabin bag is a must when travelling to provide extra luggage room for a long trip away from home or a short weekend city break when you don't need much space. However, knowing how to choose a carry-on luggage cabin case can be hard when you don’t see what you want. We have selected our top three picks below for the best hand luggage for dads this Father’s Day. 

H3: Shop Our ‘Escape’ Cabin 4-Wheel Suitcase

Good Housekeeping approved for 2023, our ‘Escape’ cabin suitcase features four wheels for easy transportation and an integrated TSA lock for security. This cabin suitcase also fits in most major airline cabin spaces, including EasyJet Up Front, British Airways and Ryanair Priority.

H3: Shop Our ‘World’ 4-Wheel Cabin Suitcase

Our ‘World’ cabin suitcase is both modern and sleek in design. Featuring four wheels for easy manoeuvrability when travelling whilst also being exceptionally lightweight. Currently available in two colourways; ice blue and black.

H3: Shop Our ‘Ultra Lite’ 4-Wheel Cabin Suitcase

If you're looking for a soft case cabin suitcase option, look no further than our ‘Ultra Lite’ 4-wheel cabin suitcase. While exceptionally lightweight, it also features a padlock and keys to provide extra security for your belongings. Our ‘Ultra Lite’ fits most major airlines, including Ryanair Priority, EasyJet Up Front and British Airways.


3. Flight bags for dads that travel a lot

Picking the right travel bag for the dad who loves to travel can be challenging, for example, not knowing what size they need and what they like in a bag. A Tripp flight bag however, is the ideal carry-on travel luggage for everything you can’t go without on your travels. At Tripp, our flight bags are designed to offer the best use of your cabin allowance while looking stylish and convenient, making them excellent travel presents for him.

H3: Shop Our Tripp ’Full Circle II’ Flight Bag 

The ‘Full Circle II’ flight bag is ideal for taking onboard as cabin luggage. It fits in most major airlines' cabin spaces, including Ryanair, and under seats for EasyJet flights, making this bag dependable for travelling on numerous airlines. Our ‘Full Circle II’ flight bag also features a smart sleeve, meaning you can place it on top of any suitcase for easy transportation when travelling with lots of luggage.

H3: Shop Our ‘Style Lite’ Flight Bag

The Tripp ‘Style Lite’ flight bag is a spacious travel bag for those looking for the perfect cabin bag or luggage topper for flight travelling. In addition, our ‘Style Lite’ flight bag is sophisticated and lightweight, making it the ideal men's flight bag for your dad.


4. The constant companion: Gift a holdall this Father's Day

If you're looking for that perfect travel companion for your jet-setter dad, look no further than our Tripp holdalls. Choosing a holdall for travel can be challenging, but here at Tripp, we have a great selection of holdall bags available in various colours and designs, with a style to suit all dads making them great gifts for dads who travel a lot. All Tripp holdalls are lightweight and durable for travellers and are perfect for a night or weekend away or use as a gym bag. 

H3: Shop Our Tripp ‘Ultra Lite’ Holdall

The ‘Ultra Lite’ Holdall can be the perfect cabin luggage for a frequent flyer and be used for long weekends away. This bag can be carried and worn with an adjustable, removable shoulder strap to suit the traveller best. Our ‘Ultra Lite’ holdall would be a great Father’s Day gift this year due to its versatility and sleek design.

H3: Shop Our Tripp ‘Style Lite’ Duffle

The Tripp ‘Style Lite’ Duffle in graphite is designed to be as lightweight as possible, making it an excellent choice for a gift this Father’s Day. In addition, our ‘Style Lite’ duffle can be used for numerous occasions such as travelling abroad, a weekend away, and as a gym bag for an avid gym-goer.


5. Lean on me! Travel Pillows for flights

Ensuring you are comfortable when travelling is vital! For those that frequently travel as a lifestyle or for work, we have the solution for all those uncomfortable flights and train rides. The ‘Tripp Accessories Travel Pillow’ is made from a super soft fabric with a microbead filling to provide maximum comfort on every journey. Our travel pillow is the perfect gift for someone looking for a way of making travel more comfortable. The ‘Tripp Accessories Travel Pillow’ is available in two different colourways for gifting a neck pillow gift this Father’s Day; click here to shop now.


6. Suit Bags - A travel Gift for Dads on the move

Does your dad frequently travel for work? Is he in the corporate world, where his dress code is formal workwear? If so, why not treat him to a new suit bag carrier? At Tripp, we have the ‘Essentials Business’ Suitcover in black, which is excellent for transporting your work suit on and off transport, such as planes and trains when travelling on a business trip. Our suit cover bag is designed with the business traveller in mind and therefore acts as the perfect suit gift bag for your dad this Father’s Day. 



At Tripp, we have a wide selection of various luggage options in multiple styles, sizes and colours to suit all the needs and wants of the perfect Father's Day gift this year. All Tripp products are designed exclusively in the UK and are built to last. Furthermore, when you purchase one of our products, they come with our trusty Tripp 5-year guarantee, giving you peace of mind that your luggage is suitable for frequent travel. 




16th June 2023

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