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Choosing The Best Festival Bag

Need help choosing the best bag for festivals? Let us shed light on this sometimes tricky and vital decision. Festival season is underway, outfits are being planned, and the next thing to consider is how you will transport your outfits and accessories to your festival. Knowing the best festival bags for the long walk across campsites can take time and effort. 

What Are The Best Bags For festivals?

Choosing the best bag to take to your upcoming summer festival can be time consuming, so we’re here to help. We have a great selection of bags that will be your perfect festival holdall or festival duffle bag. 

At Tripp, we have a fantastic selection of duffle bags, with or without wheels. All of our duffle bags are made to be lightweight, featuring pockets and internal packing features making them perfect practical travel bags.

Shop Our Graphite ‘Style Lite’ Duffle

Our ‘Style Lite’ Duffle is a premium soft-sided collection of suitcases and bags engineered to be as lightweight as possible. An adjustable and removable shoulder strap provides you with different carrying options, which is great for a festival. With a capacity of 42 litres, it would accommodate enough clothes for a weekend festival or act as the perfect side bag for an over-packer.

Shop Our Graphite ‘Style Lite’ Large Wheel Duffle 

The Tripp ‘Style Lite’ Large Wheel Duffle is a part of our lightweight premium soft side collection. This duffle features side handles which can be used as arm straps to carry the duffle on your back when walking to your campsite. This duffle also benefits from wheels and a retractable handle to transform your bag into a suitcase for easier transportation when walking on a smooth surface. 

Shop Our ‘Ultra Lite’ Medium Clam Shell Duffle 

Another great wheeled duffle bag we have at Tripp is our ‘Ultra Lite’ Medium Clam Shell Duffle. It is engineered to be super lightweight; this is the perfect option for those who plan to pack a high volume of festival essentials. This wheeled duffle bag also features a padlock and key, which is necessary for those who will be camping in the campsites at the festival. It gives you the peace of mind that your belongings are safe when left alone. 

Shop Our Black ‘Ultra Lite’ Large Tote

If you’re looking for the perfect festival tote bag, look no further than our ‘Ultra Lite’ Large Tote; it’s stylish and lightweight. It features a removable and adjustable shoulder strap, making it easy to carry when moving to and from your campsite. In addition, it’s the perfect bag for a weekend away due to its large capacity of 49 litres. 

Festival Bags - How To Choose



When looking at your bag's capacity, you want to ensure you will have enough to pack everything you need. At Tripp, our bags which are suitable for festivals, range from a capacity of 42 litres to 86 litres. Not everyone is going to need the same amount, so think about how much you are going to be packing before you purchase your festival bag. You don’t want to be carrying an extra large bag when you are not planning to use its maximum capacity. 


The bag’s weight before you fill it up should be lightweight. If your bag is naturally heavy, you will end up carrying dead weight to and from the campsite, and the walk to a campsite at any festival is usually a long one. 


Security is something to bear in mind when choosing the right bag for a festival. You will be leaving your belongings unattended for quite some time over the weekend in the campsite when you are on the main grounds for the event. Purchasing a bag which includes a lock is something to be considered. Our ‘Ultra Lite’ Medium Clam Shell Duffle comes with a padlock and key for that extra bit of security for your belongings.

Ease of Access

Having easy access to some parts of your luggage may be necessary. For example, if you’re in the ticket queue and need quick and easy access to your documents to enter the grounds of the festival, you may need a bag which has easily accessible pockets. Our ‘Style Lite’ Duffle features an external front pocket which is easily accessed. 

How To Pack For A Festival 


The key to packing for a festival is to create a pre-festival packing list. Your festival packing checklist will help you remember the most important things, such as your pre-planned outfits, any accessories, raincoats and most importantly… comfortable footwear.

Our Festival Packing List

If you need help with knowing what to pack for your upcoming festival this year, Click here to view our festival packing list.

Should I Take A Suitcase To A Festival?

If you are camping at a festival, we recommend a duffle bag or tote bag rather than a suitcase due to the unforeseen conditions of your walk to the festival camping site. If you are having to trek through muddy conditions or cobblestone roads a suitcase isn’t a practical choice. 

However, if you are staying at a hotel for the weekend near the festival ground a suitcase is a great option for those who want to take numerous outfit options for the weekend festivities.

Do They Search Your Bags At Festivals?

Festivals can conduct a bag search upon arrival to festivals, whether you are camping or coming in just for the day. If you are carrying any prohibited items these will be confiscated by security. 

What Litre Bag Do I Need For A Festival?

It is generally recommended the bigger the better…, the larger your bag, the more you can fit in, which is a must at a weekend-long festival! 

Festival Bag FAQs

All tripp bags come with a trustworthy 5 year guarantee, assuring you they are up to the task of a weekend festival. However, if you plan on watching festivals on the TV, we still have some other great options for your upcoming summer breaks, wherever the destination may be. Click here to browse our wide range of suitcases. 


16th May 2023

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