The Best Bags & Cases For Bank Holiday Breaks

May bank holidays are fast approaching, so it’s time to start planning. In the UK this year, we have three May bank holidays, with the additional day being to celebrate the coronation of King Charles II. May bank holidays are the perfect excuse for a long weekend getaway in the UK or a short city break in Europe. 

Suitcases Or Bags - The Long Weekend Luggage Dilemma

A weekend bag is a must-have if you are planning on using one of the upcoming May bank holidays as an excuse to have a staycation, to travel abroad for a long weekend or even if you are a frequent traveller. There are different factors you need to take into account when choosing the right bag for you. 

Small luggage with wheels is great for any form of travel as it’s easy for transportation; the same with holdall weekend bags as the handles are made to ensure they are easy to carry, including a cross-body strap. 

There are pros and cons to taking a travel bag or a suitcase for a long weekend, but we have created some lists to help you decide which would be best for you. 


Travel Bag Pros

Travel Bag Cons

  • Will fit in most major airlines’ cabin space.

  • Easy accessibility to some luggage items; for example, they may have side or front pockets.

  • Means you must pack light so you won’t be lugging much stuff.

  • Don’t have to deal with delays waiting to collect your luggage at airports.

  • Less risk of your luggage being misplaced or stolen.

  • Has to be carried - unless it comes with wheels.

  • Can limit how much you wish to purchase on your trip, as you may not have the room to bring it back.

Suitcase Pros

Suitcase Cons

  • Can provide more room for your belongings.

  • The wheels allow for easy transportation.

  • Most suitcases come with an in-built TSA lock, padlock and key for security.

  • Can be a pain to carry when you’re in a busy area or trying to move quickly. 

  • You have to wait to collect your luggage at the airport.

  • Suitcases tend to be heavier to carry.

Suitcases For Long Weekends

A long weekend away can call for suitcases of all sizes depending on the length of your trip and who you are travelling with. For example, if you and your partner have planned a three day city break for one of the upcoming May bank holidays, you may require only small luggage with wheels; therefore, a cabin-sized suitcase is perfect. This will make the whole airport process shorter for you as you won’t need to check in any luggage and not need to wait for it on the other side. However, if you are a parent travelling with your whole family, you may need more space than most; which means, you may be looking for a medium or large suitcase.

At Tripp, we have an excellent range of stylish, lightweight suitcases; cabin, medium and large sizes are available. We have a great selection of suitcase collections with many featuring a hand luggage bag. Tripp suitcases are available with our hard and soft shells; depending on your preference, with plenty of colours and designs to choose from. 

Shop Our ‘Holiday 6’ Suitcase Collection

Our best-selling hard suitcase collection at Tripp is our ‘Holiday 6’ suitcase collection. Our ‘Holiday 6’ collection is available in 6 vibrant and bright colourways, including the popular watermelon. With a ‘Holiday 6’ suitcase, you know you will always stand out from the crowd when travelling, especially on the carousel at the airport.

‘Holiday 6’ suitcases are made from tough and durable polypropylene, are now even more lightweight, and come with an integrated TSA lock. The cabin-size suitcase from this collection fits most major airlines, including Ryanair Priority, EasyJet Up Front and British Airways. Our ‘Holiday 6’ collection is popular amongst families because they are colourful for kids and can mix and match with various colourways. Our ‘Holiday 6’ Cabin Suitcase was also ranked ‘The Best Kid’s Luggage for 2022’ by the Independent.

Shop Our ‘Azalea’ Collection

The ‘Azalea’ Hard Luggage Collection at Tripp is an eye-catching collection featuring our contemporary floral print exclusive to Tripp. It is a lightweight range with coordinating bag pieces which can act as excellent cabin bags. All ‘Azalea’ suitcases, large, medium and cabin, have four wheels for easy movement whilst travelling. The suitcases are also made from 50% recycled ABS material, therefore a great sustainable purchase for your travels. 

Best Bags For Short Breaks


At Tripp, we have a wide selection of stylish bags for short breaks, including; tote bags, duffle bags, flight bags and holdalls. Many of our travel bags for women and men are designed for airline hand luggage restrictions, whilst others are the perfect weekend travel bags for a weekend getaway and staycations. We have a selection of travel bags which include wheels, and some without, whilst being the lightest they can be without lacking style. 

Shop Our ‘Ultra Lite’ Large Tote 

The ‘Ultra Lite’ Large Tote is a stylish and lightweight luggage option. It is the perfect Tripp weekend bag, whether that’s a staycation or a short trip abroad. When not travelling, it can even act as your gym bag or works great for a quick night away. It’s currently available in the colour black, making it diverse and would fit into any existing luggage collection.

Shop Our ‘Ultra Lite’ Large Holdall

The ‘Ultra Lite’ Large Holdall can be used as plane luggage and fit in most airline cabin spaces, making it great to take on all your trips abroad. This travel bag also features a smart sleeve, making it the ideal luggage topper for any suitcase. It also comes with a padlock and keys to provide you with that extra piece of mind that your belongings are safe inside. Our ‘Ultra Lite’ Holdall is also available in a smaller size; if you were thinking of having a matching set for you and a partner when travelling together, click here to view it. Both holdalls are available in a classic black colourway.

Shop Our ‘Full Circle’ Flight Bag

Our ‘Full Circle’ Flight Bag is the ideal travel bag for taking on-board most flights as cabin luggage and features a smart sleeve. A smart-sleeve on your travel bag makes it easier to carry all your luggage together as it easily slips on top of any suitcase. 

Shop Our ‘Style Lite’ Duffle

Our ‘Style Lite’ Duffle is a premium soft-sided travel bag at Tripp and part of our ‘Style Lite’ collection. It was engineered to be as lightweight as possible whilst still looking smart and contemporary. 

Shop Our ‘Style Lite’ Laptop Backpack

The ‘Style Lite’ Backpack is another product from our stylish, lightweight collection, ‘Style Lite’. This backpack has a padded back and straps to ensure it is comfortable to wear on your travels. It features internal organisation, including a padded sleeve section to protect your laptop against any bumps it could receive.

Shop Our ‘Ultra Lite’ Large Wheel Duffle 

Our ‘Ultra Lite’ Large Wheel Duffle is a part of our contemporary, stylish and lightweight luggage collection. The duffle has a top and side handle designed for you to carry in a way that best suits your needs. The great thing about this duffle is that it features a retractable handle and two wheels, allowing you to wheel it around when travelling easily. Our ‘Ultra Lite’ Large Wheel Duffle also comes with a padlock and key for the security of knowing your luggage is safe, therefore the perfect city break bag.


Treating yourself to a new weekend bag is the perfect way to start any trip. When you shop at Tripp, you benefit from our trusty Tripp 5-year guarantee, as all our travel bags and suitcases come with the guarantee when purchased. 







10th May 2023

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