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Zipperless suitcases: The Supreme Lock Collection

We have recently introduced a new zipperless suitcase collection to our ever-growing selection of suitcases here at Tripp, the ‘Supreme Lock Collection’. Zipperless suitcases are an excellent option for those looking for a higher level of security with their suitcases whilst travelling.

Our Most Secure Suitcases - The Supreme Lock


The ‘Supreme Lock’ collection is a contemporary non-zip collection for those wanting enhanced security. This stylish suitcase range features four dual wheels for easy manoeuvrability. 

Our most secure suitcase collection is made of lightweight polypropylene. They are more secure than a generic zip suitcase and feature a 3-point locking system, providing extra security than a zipped suitcase. 

Our ‘Supreme Lock’ suitcase has been designed to look smart, contemporary, and stylish. It is available in cabin, medium and large suitcases and two different colourways; black and mulberry. 

Click here to explore our new ‘Supreme Lock’ collection.

Is zipperless luggage better?

Zipperless luggage can be considered much safer than a standard zip suitcase due to the secure latches featured on the cases. In addition, the best zipperless luggage tends to be made of durable hard shell material and, therefore, more durable for persistent travellers, such as airline pilots or cabin crew. 

At Tripp, our ‘Supreme Lock’ collection includes zipperless carry-on luggage, perfect for all, including those who take short trips away.

What is the difference between zip and zipperless suitcases?

The main difference between zipped and zipperless suitcase is the featuring latch on a zipperless suitcase. In addition, zipperless suitcases are much harder to penetrate than zipped suitcases due to their secure latches.

Trust In Tripp

If you are considering updating your suitcase collection to a more secure set, then you can trust Tripp! All our collections, including our new ‘Supreme Lock’ collection, have a 5-year guarantee. 





22nd April 2023

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