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Virgin Atlantic Baggage Allowance Guide

Are you catching a Virgin Atlantic flight this year for your summer holidays? Knowing what you can take on board a Virgin Atlantic flight and the amount of luggage you are allowed to check in can be confusing, so we have created this guide to help you better understand the allowance you are entitled to.

So if you’re wondering how much luggage you can take on Virgin Atlantic, read on to find out.

Virgin Atlantic Hand Baggage Allowance


Your Virgin Atlantic hand baggage allowance is very straightforward. All passengers flying with Virgin Atlantic (economy or premium cabins) can take one piece of hand baggage per person onboard their flight. Your Virgin hand luggage must weigh no more than 10kg and be a maximum of 23 x 36 x 56cm. However, how many bags are allowed on Virgin Atlantic depends on your booked cabin. 

Virgin Atlantic also allows all babies and toddlers to have one bag weighing up to 6kg on board.

Virgin Atlantic Checked Baggage


Your purchased ticket type determines your Virgin Atlantic checked baggage allowance. Please refer to the table below for Virgin Atlantic hold luggage allowance, including information on Virgin Atlantic suitcase size and weight restrictions per ticket type: 





One checked bag per traveller

Weight: up to 23kg per bag

Measurements: 90 x 75 x 43cm

Two checked bags per traveller

Weight: up to 23kg per bag

Measurements: 90 x 75 x 43cm

Two checked bags per traveller

Weight: 32kg per bag

Measurements: 90 x 75 x 43cm


Please note if you book an economy light ticket, you do not get a free checked baggage allowance with your booking. However, you can add additional baggage when you check in for your flight if you need it last minute for a fee of £50 (for your first extra bag).

Our Carry On Luggage For Virgin Atlantic


Above, we discussed the Virgin hand carry on luggage size and weight restrictions. Tripp has some excellent cabin suitcase options that fit within the Virgin Atlantic carry on size restrictions. 


Shop Our ‘World’ Cabin Suitcase

Our ‘World’ Cabin 4-wheel travel suitcase is stylish and available in 3 different colourways. Also made from tough, durable polypropylene and exceptionally lightweight, this cabin suitcase is excellent for all types of travel. Featuring an integrated TSA combination lock, it certainly doesn’t lack security. 


Shop Our ‘Lite 4W’ Cabin Suitcase

This sleek cabin suitcase is made from tough and durable ABS in a sleek design with an embossed finish. This cabin suitcase fits all major airlines, including Virgin Atlantic. A past customer of the ‘Lite 4W’ cabin suitcases has stated they are “Delighted with this cabin case; it is roomy and easy to manage”.


Shop Our ‘Style Lite’ Expandable Suitcase

Our Style lite case has an outstanding expandable feature to allow extra room when travelling. However, ensure it is not expanded during boarding to fit within the Virgin Atlantic carry on size restrictions. The expandable feature, however, means it is also practical for other airline flights in the future. 


Virgin Baggage Fees

If you realise you need to take extra baggage last minute, this comes at a cost. The Virgin Baggage fees differ for each baggage type. However, each passenger can add up to 7 extra bags per person when checking in online. 

Each extra checked bag at Virgin Atlantic is subject to a fee of £140 per item. However, if you are travelling with an ‘Economy Light’ or ‘Economy’ ticket, your 1st extra checked bag will cost £65. (Please click here for specific costs for each extra checked baggage you check in)

If you check your baggage at the airport and it is overweight, you must pay the Virgin Atlantic overweight baggage fee. Each overweight checked bag is subject to a fee of £65 per bag. There are also extra Virgin Atlantic fees of £200 per bag for oversized bags when checked for your flight. Please note if your luggage is both overweight and oversized, both fees will apply.

Virgin Atlantic Luggage FAQs:



If you’re looking for answers to Virgin Atlantic's frequently asked questions, read below to find your answers.

What time does Virgin Atlantic bag drop open?

If you're an early bird who likes to get to the airport hours before their flight, then you're probably Googling, “how early can I check my bags Virgin Atlantic”. Virgin Atlantic suggest their travellers check in their bags at least 3 hours before their flights.

Are Virgin strict with hand luggage

Virgin Atlantic states that you must be able to place your hand baggage into the overhead bins unaided and ensure they are within the sizing and weight restrictions provided on their website.(Click here for hand baggage guidelines)

Can you add baggage after booking Virgin Atlantic

Yes, if you decide last minute that you require a bigger baggage allowance, Virgin Atlantic allows you to add up to 7 extra bags for travelling when you check in online before your flight, at a charge.

Can you take a handbag and hand luggage on Virgin Atlantic?

When you travel with Virgin Atlantic, you can take your handbag with you in addition to your hand baggage allowance as long as it doesn’t carry items usually regarded as baggage.

Shop With Tripp


At Tripp, we have a great selection of suitcases that will suit the Virgin Atlantic guidelines for cabin bag and checked baggage restrictions. Above, we have suggested two different cabin suitcases for your perfect cabin suitcase. We have some great options if you’re looking for matching sets for your travels. 

Shop The ‘World’ Suitcase Collection

Not only does our ‘World’ cabin suitcase meet the measurement requirements for the cabin space on Virgin Atlantic flights, our ‘World’ large suitcase also meets the measurement requirements for checked baggage. Our ‘World’ large 4-wheel travel suitcase is made from tough, durable polypropylene and is exceptionally lightweight. This collection also has a medium suitcase size option if you want a smaller suitcase option. 

Shop The ‘Lite 4 Wheel’ Suitcase Collection

The ‘Lite 4 Wheel’ is a lightweight luggage collection designed to be tough and durable without lacking style. The collection is made from strong ABS with a matt emboss finish, making it sturdy for all your travelling needs. Both the cabin and medium and large suitcase meet the measurement requirements for cabin and checked baggage restrictions with Virgin Atlantic. 

All suitcases and travel bags at Tripp come with our trusty 5-year guarantee, giving you the peace of mind that your luggage set will last for all your travelling plans for years to come.

These details have been checked and were correct at time of writing (April 2023). Please always check with your airline before travelling as their allowances may change.







18th April 2023

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