Baggage Allowance For British Airways in 2023

British Airways is one of the biggest airline companies flying in and out of Britain, with over 180 destinations. If you are planning to travel with them this year, you may have some questions about the baggage allowance for British Airways. British Airways baggage size allowance for both your hold luggage and cabin luggage is different from other airlines, such as other big airline companies like EasyJet. 


Ba Baggage Allowance - What Is It?

British Airways, like all other airlines, have a baggage allowance when flying with them. When booking your tickets with British Airways, you will be asked about your baggage needs. 

Customers tend to try and get luggage included with British Airways flights. All customers are automatically entitled to bring a personal bag onboard the flight, such as a backpack or handbag. However, their ticket type will also determine any extra luggage they may bring.

When checking out, you can add excess carry-on baggage, ranging from £20 to £40 if booked online for your first bag; additional fees are set when taking more than one. Carryon luggage allows you to bring cabin-sized suitcases on board, as long as it meets BA baggage rules for cabin bags. Your cabin bag and the small personal bag can weigh up to 23kg when flying with British Airways. 

BA flights baggage options also include the possibility of checked luggage at a cost on top of your flight ticket price. This is a medium to a large-sized suitcase which can be checked in when you first arrive at the airport. Your checked luggage can be sized up to 90cm x 75cm x 43cm and between 23 kg to 32 kg, depending on your chosen route and ticket type. If you are travelling for an extended period and feel like the baggage allowance stated above won't be enough, you can purchase the excess baggage, up to £65 per bag.

Each ticket type available to purchase allows for different baggage allowances. Please refer to the British Airways website for more information about BA baggage rules.

British Airways Hand Luggage

British Airways are a great option if you’re looking to book a flight which allows a carry-on luggage option. As stated before, they allow all passengers to take a personal bag on board with them, which must fit underneath the seat in front of them. However, if you need extra room, your ticket may allow you to take the British Airways cabin bag size suitcase on board with you, or at an additional cost. They must fit if you take an overhead bag on board your flight. Your overhead carry-on luggage must measure no more than 55cm x 40cm x 23cm to ensure it fits. 

The BA hand baggage allowance allows your hand luggage to weigh no more than 23kg, with plenty of room for a quick weekend trip away. British Airways ask that you ensure your bag can close fully on arrival at the airport and be provided to security for safety checks. If you are packing liquids within your luggage, they ask that they be stored in a clear plastic bag and removed from your luggage on arrival to security for a separate screening. 

Just bear in mind that you will be required to lift your Cabin luggage into the overhead locker so be mindful of that and the weight you pack inside so that you can lift it with ease.


What About British Airways Checked Baggage?

British Airways checked baggage allowance varies depending on each traveller due to the booking you make. For example, the ticket type you choose, the route you take, and the fare you pay all factor into what baggage allowance you are entitled to for your flight. 

With British Airways, each piece of checked baggage has to meet the British Airways hold luggage restrictions and must not exceed 90cm x 75cm x 43cm, including any handles and wheels. Your ticket type will also determine your checked baggage allowance weight which will be between 23kg and 32kg. British Airways hold luggage allowance allows travellers to check in up to 10 pieces of luggage per flight, including the allocated baggage, which comes with their flights, but at an additional cost. Prices range from £32 to £120 per piece when pre-booked online. There will be a slight increase to these fees if purchased on arrival at the airport. 

Be careful when packing your luggage and ensure it meets the weight requirements before you make your journey to the airport, as all British Airways hold luggage is subject to cost if it is overweight when checked in at the airport. All overweight luggage will face a fee of £65 if it is over 32kg, which will have shipped separately.

Our British Airways Cabin Bags

When travelling with British Airways with only a cabin bag, you must ensure that your cabin luggage meets the BA-approved cabin luggage guidelines. At Tripp, we have a wide range of cabin luggage which would be the perfect choice as your BA cabin bag. 


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British Airways Baggage FAQs

How Strict is British Airways about carry on luggage? 

British Airways are known for being generous regarding a carry-on luggage allowance. They understand that if you are travelling with carry-on baggage only, you may need extra room. This is why when travelling with British Airways, they allow you to carry one main bag on board which fits into their overhead lockers and then your personal bag, such as a handbag or rucksack that will fit under the seat in front of you.


Can you take an electric toothbrush in hand luggage British Airways? 


You are generally allowed to carry on electronic devices within your carry-on baggage with British Airways. They do, however, ask you to ensure all electronic devices are fully charged in case guards in security ask you to switch it on to show its function before letting you through to departures. They can deny you through security if it does not switch on upon request. 


Does British Airways compensate for delayed luggage?


British Airways are very helpful if the worst happens and your luggage goes missing whilst on your journey. If the fault lies with British Airways and your luggage has gone missing or damaged, you can report a claim through their website by clicking the link here.

To ensure you are entitled to claim, you must notify your incident to them with your report reference number. However, British Airways do have deadlines by which you can go forward with your claim. 

  • For missing bags: you must claim within 21 days of the bag going missing.

  • For a damaged bag or the contents of your bag being damaged: you must claim within seven days of receiving your bag.

British Airways Suitcases at Tripp

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12th February 2023

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