10 Tips to holiday on a budget


With the recession in the UK, holidays may be a second thought to most households. Holidays can be expensive for many people who don’t have much disposable income. Many families will wonder whether it is possible to do a family holiday on a budget. There are some great tips for cutting back on costs and how to travel on a budget, which will be great to check out for this summer when booking holidays on a budget. 

Not only can booking a holiday be expensive but so can purchasing suitcases and all other travel extras. Here at Tripp, we have a range of suitcases that are great value for money and come with a five-year guarantee, so you know it’s trustworthy for all your travels.  


1. Research And Compare Flights And Accommodation

Researching flight times and knowing when is cheaper to fly can benefit your budget in the long run. In addition, being flexible with your flights can make them more affordable. For example, early morning and late evening flights are much cheaper than flights departing mid-day.

However, booking early flights doesn’t just benefit your budget. You will also benefit from having a few extra hours at your holiday destination to explore the local town or relax by the pool. 

Booking flights early in advance can also save you some pounds. The higher the demand for the flights, the more expensive they will be. Therefore, booking early when not many travellers can help to book a holiday on a budget, especially if you are looking for multiple travellers. 


2. Use cashback websites and discount codes

Some websites provide cashback or discount codes when booking your holiday. EasyJet is one airline that offers regular discount codes. They also provide holiday packages with your hotel and flights included. Booking a holiday package is often cheaper than booking everything separately and comes with the bonus of having your hotel transfers included.


3. Track your budget


Tracking budgets is something everyone is going to start doing day-to-day with the rise of costs in everyday life, so this shouldn’t stop when planning your holiday. Keeping track of your spending whilst on holiday allows you to see how much money you have left. Setting a daily spending cap helps you to ensure your money lasts your whole holiday, and you don’t run out. This a great way to ensure the fun continues for everyone!


4. Free things to do on holiday

When researching which holiday is best for you, see what activities you and your family can participate in for free. For example, the beach is a great place to spend time with family and friends; it’s free and has many fun things for you to do. Another great option is any free museums and attractions in the area. Finally, in many holiday destinations, especially around Europe, you can find a local park, a great location to hang out and enjoy.

5. Use points and miles for your tickets

Some companies, such as Tesco, provide travellers with the benefit of being able to purchase airline tickets at Virgin Atlantic through points. So if you plan, leading up to your holiday, you can spend at Tesco to help save money towards your holiday, a great way of saving money in your budget. 

If you start banking with Barclays and have an Avios card, you can collect points through spending. For example, if you spend £1,000 in the first three months of having your card, you accrue points which can be transferred into airline points for British Airways. 


6.Avoid baggage fees 

Avoiding baggage fees can save you a lot of money when booking your flights. A weekend getaway is a perfect way to save money as not as much luggage room is needed; you can escape by just taking a cabin bag. 

Cabin bags at great value at Tripp, including our World 4 Wheel Cabin Suitcase, available in three colours. This cabin case fits in most significant airlines’ overhead lockers.

7. Avoid paying for roaming data - use free wi-fi spots.

When booking your holiday, it could be worth researching, which you can roam for free. Each phone’s subsequent work is different, and some charges may apply. Studying this before you go can benefit you by saving small amounts each day. 

If you can’t find a holiday location you like or if you’re not on a phone network which provides this benefit, you can also use free wi-fi spots to use your phones, such as the bars, restaurants or your hotel wi-fi. 


8. Haggle when on holiday for everything

Haggling on holiday is common in some cultures. For example, in Indonesia, locals haggle for goods and services everywhere they go to help save money day-to-day. In Turkey, a popular holiday destination for Brits, it’s known that many things can be haggled for, especially in retail.

9. Shop around for best deals on foreign currency, travel insurance, transfers and airport parking.

 A way to save on your budget is to research which countries have the exchange rate on foreign currency. The lower the exchange rate, the more pounds you will save when exchanging your cash for holiday spending money. It’s also known that the more you exchange in one go, the lower the exchange rate. So it might be worth everyone coming together when collecting holiday money to help save everyone some money.

Another trick for saving money when booking your holiday is whether your hotel transfers from the airport are included in your holiday booking. Many agencies, such as Tui, include these in your holiday package deals. 

Travel insurance is a must when booking a holiday. It helps ensure that you are covered if anything goes wrong, such as last-minute flight cancellations or hotel stays, and your costs will be returned to you. Compare The Market is a website that lets you compare different insurance prices based on the details you have provided, and you can find which suits you best in terms of coverage and price.

10. Choose the best value luggage


Products shown:

  • Holiday 6 Collection

  • Chic Collection

Choosing the best value luggage is essential for any holiday. You need to know that your luggage will last your travels. That’s why at Tripp, all our luggage comes with a 5-year guarantee. 

Our Holiday 6 Collection is our best-selling and most iconic collection for obvious reasons.. Our suitcases in this collection, available in cabins, medium and large, are made of tough and durable polypropylene. They also come with the benefit of being lightweight, making them easy to transport. In addition, TSA locks are included to ensure all your items are safe when transported around the airport. 

The Chic Collection is another popular Tripp suitcase collection. The suitcases in this collection come in 4 beautiful colours, so there’s one right to match everyone’s style. All the suitcases have four wheels making it easy for them to manoeuvre when travelling, and their perks benefit from being lightweight.

7th January 2023

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