The Best Christmas Markets In Europe


Christmas markets are an exciting way to get into the Christmas spirit and spread joy in the advent season. Europe Christmas markets are known for having people travel across the globe to visit the best Xmas markets in Europe. 

City breaks within the Christmas season have become more popular due to the power of social media. Travellers book city break intending to visit the best Christmas destinations in Europe. City breaks and long weekends require a small amount of luggage, but the holidays are short and sweet. So which European country has the best Christmas markets? And which are worth the visit.


When do Christmas Markets Start in Europe?


An important question you need to ask yourself before booking any city breaks this Christmas season; you need to ask yourself an important question: when do Christmas markets start in Europe in 2022? 

Each Christmas market throughout Europe is different. However, throughout Europe, as soon as Halloween is over, Christmas time starts. So what month do Christmas markets start in Europe? There are Christmas early birds that put their Christmas trees up in November, and people start getting into the Christmas spirit. Therefore the demand is there for Christmas markets to start being built in November, and they all begin slowly opening throughout the month up until the last weekend, which this year is the 25th of November. 

If you are one of those people that have Christmas on their mind from the first day of November, you need to know where the earliest Christmas markets are in Europe. Visiting European Christmas markets is an excellent way for people to explore new cities, go sightseeing, and learn about the city’s history and culture. It’s also a chance to do some Christmas shopping in the markets with lots to choose from; traditional handmade gifts, decorations and much more.


European Christmas Markets - Our Top Picks


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European Christmas Markets provide a cultural event that entertains all with 500-year-old traditions and cultures worldwide. They attract tourists worldwide to enjoy Christmas European city breaks. Tourists can enjoy coach tours to Christmas markets in Europe and site-seeing the city’s architecture and culture before enjoying the beautiful traditions and culture within the Christmas market. 

All Christmas markets are family-friendly and ideal for a quick family getaway.  The best Christmas markets in Europe for families include Stuttgart Christmas Market in Germany, Vienne Christmas Market in Vienna and Strasbourg Christmas Market in France.

Stuttgart Christmas Market is one of Europe’s oldest and largest Christmas markets. With over 300 stalls, there is something for everyone. It’s where you can try all kinds of fantastic food and drinks, including the famous german sausage, different flavoured hot chocolate and mulled wine! With the market being open from the 23rd of November to the 23rd of December, it’s an excellent opportunity for purchasing some traditional and even handmade Christmas gifts. 

With Stuttgart Christmas Market being one of the most famous in Europe, there are so many options to choose from when it comes to travelling there for the advent season. From the UK, it’s a leisurely flight over, and there are excellent train connections throughout the city. However, it is a quick city break for most, so a cabin bag or suitcase is usually the best option to make travelling easy for everyone. However, it still leaves travellers room to bring Christmas gifts or even souvenirs. 

Tripp Cabin Suitcases are a great option when picking a suitcase that will be great for your city breaks across Europe. The ‘Tripp Holiday 6 Cabin 4 Wheel Suitcase’ is our best seller as it provides you with a lot of room for all your travelling essentials for a long weekend away and fits in most significant airlines’ cabin space. The 4-wheels make it easy for you to move the suitcase around a fast paced city with the bonus that the case is lightweight. The suitcase is available in 6 colours, including Watermelon, our most popular.


Copenhagen Christmas Market


Denmark has several Christmas Markets each year. A Danish Christmas market is known for its traditions and bringing a fantastic atmosphere. Copenhagen Xmas markets consistently rank highly every year among the best Christmas markets. 

Christmas markets in Copenhagen 2022 open from the 4th of November, starting with Julemarked, one of Europe’s earliest opening markets. 

Copenhagen has many fantastic Christmas markets yearly, including Nyhavn, Christiania and Tivoli Gardens. Tivoli gardens Copenhagen Christmas market is where you will find Santa and his reindeer welcoming you into an amusement park full of rides and around 60 stalls filled with decorations and gifts. There will also be places to purchase Christmas snacks, sweets and all the hot drinks you could want. A Denmark Christmas market is also great fun for a family and friends trip at Christmas.

Jet2Holidays and British Airways are great airlines for travellers booking a city break this Christmas to Copenhagen. They have flight and hotel booking options, making the whole experience easier for you when securing a Christmas getaway. Whilst in Copenhagen, you can visit some of the famous landmarks such as Rosenborg Castle, and you can also enjoy drinking a glass of mulled wine along Nyhavn Harbour. 


Strasbourg Christmas Market


Strasbourg Xmas market is one of France’s oldest and most famous Christmas markets. Now set up in the heart of the Grande ile in Strasbourg, it’s one of the oldest in Europe. With over 300 wooden chalets with its majestic Christmas Tree is a perfect place for all. 

Strasbourg Christmas market dates this year are from the 25th of November until the 25th of December. So you can experience an authentic Alsatian Christmas at Strasbourg Christmas market 2022. At the Christmas market, you can attend a Christmas market tour to ensure you see all the wonders of the market and not miss a thing. 

Strasbourg Christmas market focuses on sustainability. You’ll find a selection of gifts made from repurposed materials, fairtrade products and up-cycled gifts. If you’re planning on visiting Strasbourg this Christmas with your family, a day out on the Euro-Guided Tour by Segway around Strasbourg is a fun and exciting way to tour the city. The Alsace Medieval Day is also a great family day out. 

Travelling to Strasbough from England usually takes two flights with a layover in Paris. Or you can take the Eurostar to Paris from London and catch a connecting train. 


Tallinn Christmas market


The Tallinn Christmas market is held at the Town Hal Square of Tallinn, and everything is possible here. The Christmas market was voted the best Christmas market in Europe a few years ago, so you know it won’t disappoint. Tallinn Christmas market dates this year are from the 25th of November until the 8th of January, past Christmas so that we can enjoy the Christmas festivities for as long as possible. 

The market is in a historical location meaning Tallinn at Christmas still focuses on its long traditions. There are numerous festive activities for children every year, and Santa Claus will be there to welcome them, and they can also enjoy a ride on multiple carousels. Keeping it a traditional Estonia Christmas market, Estonian folk music will be played throughout the market, along with folk singers and dancers taking the stage. 

Travelling to Tallinn for a Christmas break is accessible with direct flights from London with Ryanair. Ryanair regular flight tickets are sold with a 10kg luggage allowance and one small bag. This allows travellers extra room to take that little bit different with them or a little extra bit after doing some Christmas shopping damage at the Tallinn Christmas market. This is perfect for those wishing to carry a Cabin suitcase on board. Our Tripp ‘Style Lite Hard’ Cabin Suitcase is an excellent option for those who want a sophisticated lightweight bag. It also fits in most major airlines, including Ryanair Priority. 


Christmas Markets In Germany


German Christmas markets are where it all started. They are spread throughout the country in cities such as Berlin, Cologne and Munich. There are usually 2,500 to 3,000 spread across the country each year. Germany is so famous for Christmas markets because they are so unique depending on which part of the country you visit. In addition, the historic town, from the streets to the churches, makes them special. 

  1. What do you buy in German Christmas markets? They keep tradition at heart by selling hand-made ornaments and market mugs. You can also buy some famous Lebkuchen, a traditional cake similar to gingerbread.

  1. Where are the best Christmas markets in Germany? It’s thought that the Dresden Christmas market, also known as Strieselmarkt, is one of the best in Germany. It dates back 600 years and has held its history and traditions throughout. 

  1. When do Christmas markets start in Germany? They begin in November and tend to begin within the last week and continue up until a day or two before Christmas. However, this does vary throughout the county. Therefore, check which market you want to visit before booking any city breaks this Christmas.


Cologne Christmas Market


Like most major cities, the Christmas market here pulls in visitors from all over Europe. Christmas markets in Cologne all have so much to offer. Stalls sell selected gifts and individually crafted artisan handicrafts. Their food stalls’ specialities include baked apples, cinnamon biscuits and mulled wine. Cologne was late on the trend of Christmas markets in Germany; however, you wouldn’t ever guess due to the festive traditions they bring. 

  • When does Cologne Christmas market start? The Christmas festivities in Cologne begin on the 21st of November until the 23rd of December. 

  • Where is the Christmas market in Cologne? Cologne has a variety of Christmas markets throughout the city. 

  • The biggest and most popular Cologne Christmas market? Cologne Cathedral is the best-known Christmas market. It is right in front of the Cologne Cathedral, with over 150 stands.

If you’re considering booking a Christmas break to Cologne, Tui is a great option for booking flights and hotels, whether together or separately. They have regular flights from 3 major cities in England, including London. Whilst in Cologne you can take the opportunity to visit Cologne Cathedral itself and have a chance to wander around the city’s old town. 


Munich Christmas Market


The Haidhausen Christmas market has been around for 40 years, and some say it’s the most beautiful Christmas market in the city. 

  • Where is the Munich Christmas market located? Munich has over 10 Christmas markets, the most popular in Marienplatz, within the main square. The market is very traditional, dates back to the 14th century, and is considered the original Christmas market in Munich. 

  • When does the Munich Christmas market open? Opening dates for the Munich Christmas market in 2022 vary because they are all located in different places around the city. However, the Marieplatz Christmas market opens from the 21st of November until the 24th of December. 

Munich is definitely worth the visit if you want a Christmas break. There is so much to see; fantastic tourist attractions and historic sites. However, it’s not just the Christmas markets that make it unique. There are also great shopping opportunities within the city, so a great place to get some Christmas shopping done. 

British Airways are a great choice when deciding which airline to fly with. They allow you to book flights separately, or you can book flights and accommodation together. In addition, you can have a look to see which hotels they suggest are located so you can choose whether you want to be amongst all the Christmas festivities in the centre of the city, or whether you prefer to be that little further out for some more relaxation at the end of the day.


Berlin Christmas Market 2022


Berlin has several Christmas markets, and all are so different. You are bound to find a market that fits in with your Christmas festivities. With over 70 markets, you can find one open from the 18th of November until the 2nd of January. 

The best Berlin Christmas markets include the Alexanderplatz Berlin Christmas market, one of the busiest in Berlin. With the chance to go shopping with over 100 market stalls, you can ice skate, making it an excellent experience for kids at Christmas. In addition, you can visit Galeria Kaufhof, a big shopping centre, to expand your Christmas shopping if you wish.

Berlin is filled with many more Christmas markets for you, such as; WeihnachtsZauber Gendarmenmarkt, Charlottenburg Castle, and so much more… because who doesn’t love a Berlin Xmas market at Christmas! Furthermore, you can take the opportunity whilst in Berlin to visit some of their famous attractions, such as the Berlin Wall and Museum Island, to learn more about the city’s history.

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Make Your Christmas Market Visit a Tripp To Remember.


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13th December 2022

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