Christmas Ski Holidays - A festive alternative


Ski holidays are becoming more and more popular in the winter months. It’s a different holiday vibe from what a summer holiday brings. Ski holidays are much cosier due to the cold evenings and heartfelt food. Around Christmas time, it’s a great chance to escape to somewhere with ice and colder temperatures to help you get into the Christmas spirit. The snow helps make for a more joyful experience rather than a sunny trip away. 

Skiing over Christmas is an excellent chance for a family bonding holiday and can even be the perfect early Xmas ski holiday gift for your kids; Christmas skiing might just be what your family needs this year. If you’re looking into booking festive ski breaks, you’ll need to research which Christmas Ski Holidays 2022 destination is for you and your group. Do you want a party destination or a family-friendly resort for you and your friends? One thing to be sure of is that Tripp has the perfect suitcase and cabin bag to take with you when you are heading off to hit the slopes!

Best Christmas Ski Resorts - Where To Ski At Christmas



Where is the best place to ski at Christmas? There are so many ski resorts across the globe, but most recommendations tend to be in Europe. Understanding where to ski at Christmas can take time to determine. With the ski season starting at the beginning of December, some resorts may not be fully up and running in time for the festive season.  

France and Switzerland are two of the most popular destinations for the best Christmas ski resorts in Europe. There are so many resort options in France and Switzerland so one will be open for you in time for Christmas. You are bound to find one that fits within your budget and Christmas dreams. Aspen in the US has an excellent reputation for ski holidays if you’re happy to travel further afield and don’t mind a long travel day. 77% of Aspen’s terrain is open by the 25th of December, therefore is an excellent choice for a Christmas getaway. 

When picking the best location for your festive holiday, it’s essential to check if the resorts have Christmas activities planned over the holidays. The Christmas atmosphere is something everyone looks forward to, so this is an absolute must. For example, do the local towns have a Christmas market? Will Santa be visiting with the kids? 


Christmas In The French Alps


The festive period is a great time to visit the French Alps; it brings a festive feel to the Christmas holidays. Skiing in France at Christmas is great for a family getaway as you can enjoy a white Christmas and make your kid’s dreams of snow at Christmas come true. Enjoying your holidays in the French Alps means you won’t have to worry about the everyday Christmas stress. Have Christmas dinner cooked for you and all the activities planned out; just sit back and relax.

There are so many excellent ski resorts in the Alps; however, if you’re new to skiing La Rosiere is the best place to spend Christmas in the Alps for beginners. You will also see the transformation of the magical forest, and activities are put on throughout the festive period. Valmorel is also an ideal location to enjoy your french alps Christmas holidays, as there is something for everyone when it comes to activities around the village, including a Christmas parade, circus-themed shows and yule log tastings. 

If you’re looking at booking the Alps for Christmas, you can look forward to celebrating twice. Christmas day celebrations start on the 24th of December with parades and fireworks! Even more of a reason to visit the Alps this Christmas.

St Moritz At Christmas 



St Mortiz is a luxury ski resort town in Switzerland and is a famous holiday destination at Christmas time and is believed to have the best festive atmosphere in Switzerland. St Moritz has so much to offer tourists in the festive season, including the St Moritz Christmas market. The Christmas market has so much to offer, from an ice rink to handcrafted gifts for sale. It is a Swiss tradition to visit your local Christmas market, so be sure to head down if you’re planning a Swiss getaway this Christmas season. 

St Moritz Christmas skiing holidays are a great idea for a Christmas getaway with the whole family; there is something for all ages. There is still so much to participate in outside St Moritz Ski Resort when you’re not skiing. You can take the opportunity to explore the local village shops, pubs and restaurants and even have a go at participating in some snow yoga. 

A St Moritz Christmas might just be what your family needs this Christmas; it’s very family-friendly for all. So why not swap your usual hectic Christmas traditions for a relaxed Christmas away?

Christmas Family Ski Holidays



France holds the title of the most popular ski destination for families. With France being a 1 - 2 hour flight from the UK and the option of the EuroStar from London, many travellers visit France due to the short travel times. Their resorts are easily accessible and are the most popular ski and winter destinations throughout Europe. 

Christmas family ski holidays are a great way to relax over Christmas. The best family ski resorts at Christmas are the ones that feel like a home away from home. When looking into booking your Christmas holiday away, you want a resort with lots of entertainment and fun activities for all the family. 

La Plagne in France is known to be a resort with a wide variety of activities everyone can enjoy and get involved in, basically a playground for families. The large resort has plenty of accommodation options for families of all sizes. They also have a variety of ski runs for people with different levels of experience so no one feels left out and can all have a go at skiing down a slope. Everything is on your doorstep at La Plange, including ski schools, shops and bars. The resort comprises several small villages, so there is a lot for everyone to explore.

Christmas Ski Holidays - Pack the Tripp Way.



Ski holidays require a lot of luggage room due to the amount of clothing and equipment that needs to be packed. When going on a ski holiday, most travellers check a luggage bag and have an extra carry-on or cabin bag to maximise space. So when thinking about what to pack for a ski holiday, you must ensure you have enough luggage space for all your ski holiday essentials. 

Our Tripp ‘World’ suitcase in the colour heather is one of the best luggage for ski trips from our collections. The large case fits in a capacity of up to 110 litres. In addition, the suitcase comes with a mesh divider and internal packing straps, ensuring everything you’ve packed is secured. This would be the perfect ski suitcase because it is tough and durable, making it an excellent choice for carrying heavy ski outfits and accessories. 


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Another great choice is the Tripp ice blue ‘Absolute Lite’ suitcase when purchasing your ski holiday luggage. The medium case is great for people looking to bring back gifts and souvenirs at the end of their holiday and any new ski outfits they purchase on their ski break. The medium suitcase from this collection is expandable, which creates extra room of up to 85 litres. 


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Another expandable option at Tripp is our ‘Escape’ medium suitcase in dove grey with a capacity of up to 72 litres. These two suitcases also benefit from having four wheels and a top and side handle, making them easy to transport on your travels. 


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Our new ‘Style Lite’ Clamshell Duffle Bags, available in medium and large, would be a great option for packing up ski equipment for winter break. It’s a lightweight suitcase featuring a soft shell with two separate compartments making it great for sectioning out your items when packing. The retractable handle makes it easy to transport the duffle on two wheels. 


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All of the suggested Tripp suitcases for a ski holiday come with a matching cabin suitcase if you want your luggage to match. If your ski holiday checklist is long, investing in a cabin suitcase is right for you.

Whatever destination you choose for your festive ski holiday, trust in Tripp when it comes to your luggage and discover why we are the UK’s most popular luggage provider.

9th December 2022

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