How to pack a suitcase the Tripp way!



Looking for the best way to pack a suitcase? It may sound like a simple task and be something that you won't need to consider until the night before, but being suitcase savvy can mean the difference between a perfect takeoff and a terrible touchdown. Discover our tips and tricks that will help you with space-saving and perfect packing without the stress.


Make a packing list

A list is a great way of helping you pack a suitcase efficiently. Start with the essential non-clothing items you simply can’t go without on holiday and list those as a priority. Ideally, gather them together in one place in good time and buy, borrow or retrieve them from wherever you have them stored around your home so that you can tick them off your list – think cosmetics/ toiletries, sun lotion, hair tools, small electrical items, sports equipment etc.





Now move on to clothes and make a generic list of these e.g., shorts, t-shirts, evening outfits, sandals /flip-flops, swim/beach wear, trousers, dresses, knitwear, jackets etc.

Now comes the tricky or maybe even the fun bit. Pull out of your wardrobe all the items under each category you think you would like to take. Lay them all out on your bed or place them on a rail. 

Items such as swimwear or sportswear can be dealt with independently of other clothes so edit these first, perhaps trying on to ensure they still fit (!) and flatter. That should make the elimination process pretty easy!

Then move on to other categories  of clothing – think realistically about what type of holiday you are going on ( beach? sightseeing/ city break? staycation? escaping to the country? outdoor/ adventure?)  Then consider realistically how you are likely to be spending your time.  Be honest with yourself -you are unlikely to need the same type of clothing if you are planning a family villa holiday spent playing games and having barbeques with friends and family, than if you were heading to the beach clubs of  Ibiza! 

It might be an obvious point but consider the climate and the local culture- if you are planning on visiting religious and/or historical sites these may require quite modest clothing that covers bare arms and legs so make sure you have something suitable.

Don’t be tempted to take anything” just in case” or that has a low likelihood of being of use, however much you might love it!


How to be ruthless but still end up with a perfect holiday wardrobe

So you’ve gathered together appropriate clothing for your destination- almost certainly you will have pulled out too much, given that in most circumstances the size and weight of your suitcase will be limited by airline allowances. Now is the time to be ruthless.






First off eliminate anything that is second best to something similar. You will almost certainly only end up wearing your newest items, your favourite items – the ones you think you look good in! Eliminate all others. 

Now look at what you have left, especially separates that you might reasonably expect to get more than one wear out of, such as trousers, shorts, skirts, jackets, and knitwear. Make sure that they can all be worn with more than one other item you are packing. The simplest way to do this is to limit your colour palette.

Try on outfit combos if you have time – what better way to while away a wet Sunday afternoon!  You will want to ensure they all fit and make you look good. And that way you can also sort out what footwear and any accessories you are taking – footwear is bulky and heavy so be extra rigorous: there are not too many destinations which require more than two pairs suitable for evenings only, and it’s unlikely you will need multiple quantities of trainers either.  Of course, it goes without saying that if you are taking bulky trainers/boots or outerwear you might be wise to wear them whilst travelling rather than taking up precious suitcase space which can otherwise be devoted to more exciting finery!


Perfect packing the Tripp way

So your holiday wardrobe edit is complete (a chic, beautifully coordinated “capsule wardrobe “of the seasoned and sophisticated traveller - non? Well never mind, you’ve done your best and it’s time to pack!)


Packing techniques: Roll or fold?

Now all you need to do is to get it all into your luggage without it coming out unwearable. As a general rule start by doing up all fastenings and ensuring that your items are laid flat and are crease free.



This is the more traditional and most common technique that can be used for most items but probably works best for formal or more structured clothes such as trousers, shirts, knitwear and long sleeve tops. Consider combining with rolling small items such as t-shirts to maximise space.


You can roll all your clothes which may be especially appropriate if you are embarking on a holiday requiring mainly casual clothes and taking a large or wheeled duffel rather than a suitcase. It is also especially suitable for children’s clothing. This method also has the added advantage of enabling you to see and locate individual items of clothing more easily when they are still in your case. This can be super useful if you are travelling from place to place and literally having to “live out of your case”

Rolling is undoubtedly the most space-saving method of packing. Use the simple instruction below to save space but still keep your clothing wrinkle-free.

  1. Simply lay the item out flat, and fold the bottom two inches of the clothing inside out, in turn creating a pocket along one side.

  2. Roll the item tightly from the opposite end until you reach the ‘pocket’ created in the first step.

  3. Secure the item tightly by folding one side of the pocket over the roll. 


Frequently asked suitcase packing questions


How to pack shirts in a suitcase

You will want, as far as possible to banish creases and be able to hang shirts up straight from your case without further ironing. Do try the rolling method above, it does work!


Packing shoes in your luggage

As mentioned above always pack these at the bottom of your case with socks or underwear placed inside. This will save space as well as keep the shape of the footwear. Ensure the shoe soles face the bottom wall of the case.  The exception to this is high heels which can be awkward to pack. As with other shoes place socks or other small soft items inside the  heeled shoes to keep their shape, then place them in separate, ideally cloth bags (or wrap them in a t-shirt) and pack them at the top centre of your suitcase to prevent them from being misshapen.


Packing toiletries and other small fragile items

Ensure that any toiletries or other liquid items are closed tight, packed in waterproof bags and placed in robust toiletry bags with plenty of protection to avoid any spillages ruining your clothes. Place towards the bottom of your case as snuggly as possible surrounded by other solid items such as footwear to prevent them from shifting around in your case. 

Ensure any fragile accessory items or gifts are also packed protectively and consider whether they might be more safely transported in your hand luggage. Distribute throughout your case as added protection.


And finally...

Weigh your case before you finally lock it and leave some margin of error if you are using your bathroom scales!  Most of the major international carrier’s airlines allow 23kg but with many budget airlines and even budget tickets on the major carriers, your limit may be as little as 15kgs 

Et Voila!  Bon Voyage from everyone at Tripp!


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8th June 2022

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