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What Size is Hand Luggage on Jet2?


With the demand for low-cost holidays across the year increasing, more and more travellers are looking for the best value deals from airlines and operators. One of the most popular in the UK is Jet2 and as with many flight providers they have a very strict luggage policy. 

Jet2 is noted to be the third largest airline in the UK, so let's look into some of the most frequently asked questions by Jet2 travellers - Do Jet2 flights include baggage? Read on to find out more about Jet2 hand luggage and ensure you stay on the right side of any limits or restrictions during your next holiday.

Jet2 Cabin Bag Size


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The Jet2 baggage policy is quite simple in comparison to many airlines with each passenger getting a 10KG hand luggage allowance as standard. Alongside this cabin bag (which must be no larger than 56cm x 45cm x 25cm - including wheels and handles), you can also bring one small item on board. This small item will need to be placed underneath the seat in front of you and can be anything from a handbag to a laptop to duty-free purchases.

56cm x 45cm x 25cm / 10KG

Infants do not get the 10KG hand luggage allowance, but for those travelling with children, you can bring a pushchair, car seat or travel cot which will be placed in the hold. These items must not exceed 10KG in weight and are free to take with you on your journey. 

We have a large selection of cabin bags that are perfect for taking on Jet2 flights, all offering reassurance of being within luggage policy whilst being stylish with plenty of room for your belongings.

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Jet2 Guaranteed Cabin Luggage

Depending on how busy your flight is you may find that you are requested to put your item of hand luggage into the hold. If you want to ensure that your items stay close to you, there is an added service that you can add to your booking, Guaranteed cabin luggage. For a small fee, you can rest assured that your case will be within touching distance during your flight, offering you peace of mind and easy access to any personal items you may need.


Jet2 Hold Luggage Sizes & Restrictions

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If you require more baggage than your cabin allowance you have the option to increase your jet2 luggage allowance for a fee. 

You can easily add up to three 22KG bags to your booking for £45 per bag. Prices are per item for a single journey and if your bag weighs more than 22KG you will be charged £12 extra per kilogram up to a maximum of 32KG. It’s important to note that bags weighing over 22KG will be carried subject to availability and anything over 32kg will not be taken on the flight.

If you are planning on travelling with excess baggage on Jet2 please, please allow extra time during check-in.


Jet2 Hold Luggage Questions


Can you combine baggage allowance with Jet2?

You can combine your luggage allowance with other members listed within your booking. If you are combining your luggage into one case it must not exceed 32KG.


Can you add baggage after booking Jet2?


Alongside adding extra hold luggage at the time of booking, you can also add extra baggage by logging into the website. After entering your details you will be able to add extras to your journey via the ‘Add Holiday Essentials’ link. 


Jet2 Hand Luggage Questions


Can you take straighteners in hand luggage with Jet2?


Yes, you can take hair straighteners and a hairdryer in your hand luggage if needed as long as they do not exceed the 10KG weight restriction.

What size handbag can I take on board Jet2?


A handbag can be taken on board your Jet2 flight alongside your 10KG allowance which is included as standard. Your handbag must fit underneath the seat in front of you. 

Can you take an electric toothbrush in hand luggage with Jet2?


Serial toothbrushers will be delighted to know that you can take an electric toothbrush in hand luggage with Jet2. You may need it to be shown separately at the security search point to be examined, but you will be allowed to take it on board. 


Jet2 Approved Cabin Luggage at Tripp



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We have a selection of cabin cases and suitcases that are guaranteed to fit within Jet2 luggage specifications and restrictions. Choosing one of our Jet2 cabin bags will allow you to relax, safe in the knowledge that you won’t have any surprises at the check-in desk. Ensuring that you have the correct sized cabin case will also mean you have the best possible space to include your personal belongings.

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These details have been checked and were correct at time of writing (October 2022). Please always check with your airline before travelling as their allowances may change.



18th November 2022

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