Our Must-Have Travel Accessories


We specialise in providing suitcases and luggage that stand the test of time and make your overall travelling experience much more enjoyable and less stressful. But what about those must-have travel accessories for flights or journeys you can't do without? There are simply some travel or holiday accessories we can't leave out of our cases or cabin bags due to their convenience.


What travel accessories do I need?

Tripp suitcases offer you so much space that you can take many necessary travel accessories.



Travel Cushions




Comfort whilst travelling is vital! You wear comfortable clothes for those long flights, so why not go one step further? Many travellers use a travel cushion to add an extra level of comfort during their journey. 

They are perfect for anyone who wants a snooze to catch up on some sleep on a long flight. The 'Tripp Accessories Pillow' is sold on our website in numerous colours, so you can even make it match your luggage. The pillow is made from a super soft fabric with micro beading filling to provide maximum comfort on every journey you take. Investing in a travel pillow can take your journey comfort to the next level. Travel pillows from Tripp can also be clipped onto your luggage, keeping them close at hand and allowing more room within your luggage.

View our Selection of Travel Pillows and Cushions now.


Travel Adapters



Travel adapters enable travellers to plug their electrical appliances into a foreign electrical socket. This gadget is a must-have for any trip abroad to use mobile phone chargers and hair appliances. We currently have the 'Travel Blue British Adaptor' on our website, allowing foreign plugs to be used safely in the UK. 

View our Travel Blue British Adapter

Luggage Straps


Securing your luggage is something many people forget about. However, a luggage strap can add extra security to your luggage. These must-have travel accessories surround suitcases and help keep them closed and secure when transported throughout a journey. Wrap it around your locked suitcases or bags, adjust it to fit, and close the buckles; it's so easy! Another perk of a luggage strap is that you can use it to make your luggage stand out on the carousel at the airport when collecting them, making it even more convenient for you whilst travelling. Tripp sells a variety of colours in the 'Tripp Accessories Luggage Strap'; so you can pick a colour that will stand out against your luggage. 

Discover our range of luggage Straps now. 


Luggage Tags



Luggage tags help travellers quickly identify their luggage on a carousel at the airport when they have the same suitcase or bag as a fellow traveller or when trying to find their bag in a coach or train storage compartment. We offer luggage tags in various colours and materials, making them stylish and practical. For example, we offer the 'Accessories Luggage Tag' in our popular watermelon colour, which would perfectly match our best-selling suitcase collection Holiday 6 in watermelon.

Luggage tags also allow travellers to put their details onto their luggage in case of the worst scenario of losing their bags, making it easier for their luggage to be returned to them. 


Extra Locks


Keeping your luggage secure and in one piece whilst negotiating airports is essential, especially as your luggage will be out of sight for long periods. Most of our luggage comes with the standard TSA locks; however, for a suitcase that doesn't or even those that do, it could be worthwhile to invest in that little extra protection. Having a lock for your bag helps prevent other people from entering your luggage whilst you are travelling, or on rare occasions, your luggage may get lost. The 'Combi Lock' by Travel Blue on our website is an excellent way of protecting your property. Using a code of your choosing, you can easily keep your case or bag safe and sound so no one else can access your possessions. It also has the added benefit of allowing TSA personnel to check your luggage without damaging the lock, should it be needed.  


Where to buy travel accessories

Alongside our suitcases and luggage items, we stock various accessories. All the necessary travel accessories discussed above are available on our website. Tripp luggage is one of the most popular brands with over 20 years of experience, so you can trust us to know which travel accessories are a must-have for all those exciting trips you may have coming up. But, of course, you also need to ensure you order your accessories with plenty of time for them to arrive before your trip, so you will need to start thinking about what you may need sooner rather than later.


How to pack accessories for travel

Image by @dom__dominique via Instagram

When packing your accessories for travelling, you must organise the contents well so that gadgets or accessories are accessible when needed. For example, it is unlikely you will need your travel adaptor until you have reached your destination; therefore, this can be packed into your checked luggage. Any necessary inflight accessories, such as travel pillows, should be packed last into your carry-on luggage or cabin bag, making them easy to find during your journey.





16th November 2022

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