Best Destinations For Winter Sun Holidays


With darker nights setting in and temperatures dropping across the UK, is it time that you took advantage of the many destinations across the globe that offer you plenty of sunshine? Carry on reading to find out more about the best destinations for Winter Sun Holidays and let your only winter heating worries be about how to stay cool.  


Winter Holidays In The Sun

Whether you are seeking a short sunny break or a long haul holiday don’t let a little thing like winter get in the way! With destinations such as the Canary Islands, Turkey, Spain and even further afield (the far east is easily bookable!). Depending upon your interests, not only can you boost your vitamin D levels but take time out to explore cultural highlights, sightsee to your heart's content, or simply lounge on the beach from dusk till dawn. 


Winter sun holidays are the perfect way to give yourself and your family a much-needed break before busy celebrations such as Christmas start to take over. Talking of Christmas, could there possibly be a better way of spending the festive period than in a warmer climate? Whilst long-haul destinations are available, there are many to be found closer to home yet are sunny and warm locations to enjoy a fabulous relaxing break. Winter sun holidays are also more budget-friendly with off-peak prices that are perfect for any budget.

Take a moment to carry on reading and discover the ultimate winter break that will have you packing your suncream and keep winter coats a distant memory.


Best Winter Sun Destinations

With destinations, what's best for one person isn't necessarily best for another but let us give you some great examples of winter sun destinations to consider. Let's face it, deciding where to go for winter sun can be quite daunting to begin with, due to varying choices. The perfect solution for the winter blues, a winter sun holiday could well become a regular part of your calendar. 


The Best Countries For Winter Sun

Here are just a small selection of locations for you to consider, each offering its own charms and a way to add some sand, sea, and sun to brighten any winter's day.


Canary Islands


The canaries are an ever-popular destination for holidaymakers across the year, with winter being no exception. You will find average temperatures to be up in the 20s with seven hours of daily sunshine across Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura. Both Gran Canaria and Tenerife are popular choices for winter sun breaks. For many travellers, the Canary Islands are a perfect choice for being both one of the closest winter sun locations to the UK and their low humidity makes them a great destination to spend Christmas.

There are many fantastic deals to be had all year round to the Canary Islands such as all-inclusive breaks, offering great peace of mind at a great price. Choosing an island is all down to personal choice, but you can be assured that they are all set up extremely well for catering for tourists, whatever the time of year.  




Set between Sicily and the North African coast, Malta is a Mediterranean archipelago that offers between 5 and 6 hours of sunshine during the winter months. Malta has something to offer everyone from its crystal-clear Mediterranean waters, cultural and historical sites perfect for exploration, eateries, and of course, its beaches.  

Many low-cost carriers offer flights to Malta and due to winter being off-season, you are sure to find a great deal on winter sun. Malta is perfect for those looking for a sunny yet cooler destination with plenty to see and do, with the bonus of no large crowds.

The postcard-picturesque capital city of Valletta is a popular choice for winter sun travellers with plenty of hotels, restaurants, and places to visit. Alongside the island hopping, and the bustling towns and villages, Malta has scenery in abundance and has been used as the backdrop to many films such as Gladiator, Troy, and The Da Vinci Code.

Balearic Islands


One of the prime winter sun locations is the Balearics. Its main islands of Majorca, Menorca, and Ibiza have been delighting guests from across the globe seeking a sunny winter break. The mild temperature and bright sunshine throughout the winter months of the Balearic islands make them perfect for both explorers and sunseekers. With nine hours of sunlight per day on the islands, you will have plenty of time for sightseeing, relaxing, dining, and exploring whatever time of year. 

The Balearic Islands offer plenty of sun, a milder climate allowing you to comfortably explore its attractions, plus with some of the best cycling trails in the world, it’s well ahead of other destinations for activity holidays.

You will find many great deals due to the off-peak timing of winter breaks in the Balearics, from city breaks in swanky hotels to all-inclusive breaks.  





To be expected, Egypt is another popular winter sun destination, offering the perfect blend of warmth and guaranteed sun. There are numerous reasons why Egypt is the perfect winter sun location, from its lower temperatures allowing you to explore more comfortably, through to its many winter/festive celebrations such as its Coptic Christmas feast, a truly unique experience.

Whilst the country is covered in historical and cultural sites, with its many resorts it is the perfect destination for a winter beach holiday. If you have visited Egypt during peak season you will be pleased to know that during the winter months, nights are cool to cold, allowing you to enjoy nighttime entertainment and dining without the humidity.

You will find a huge number of airlines offer flights and packages to Egypt with Winter being no exception. Resorts such as Sharm El-Sheikh are winter locations where you can enjoy lazy days on the beach and warm sea temperatures. So whether you are seeking Pyramids or Pina Coladas in the sun, you’ll find Egypt to be a great winter getaway destination for all. 




Moving further afield, we couldn't leave out one of Africa’s most sought-after destinations, Morocco.  Due to its location in North Africa, Morocco stays warm and sunny through the winter months, offering a typical Mediterranean climate to its visitors. In December, you can expect ten hours of sunshine depending upon which part of the country you are visiting, with temperatures in the twenties, perfect for winter sunseekers.


Much like Egypt, Morocco is best explored during the winter months due to the cooler weather and lower off-peak prices. Unlike the warmer months, months such as December are great for everything from hiking to sightseeing to camel rides. 

You’ll find a wondrous selection of destinations to enjoy a Moroccan winter break such as Agadir and Taghazout famous for beach breaks and 300 days of sunshine, and the winter sun hotspot of Marrakech. 


Winter Sun Airlines

You will easily find flights to enjoy the winter sun, with most airlines offering regular flights during winter months with flights from airports across the UK to suit you. Here is just a small selection of airlines and the destinations they can transport you to for a winter getaway.

TUI Winter Sun Holidays

Flying from 24 airports in the UK, TUI is a great choice for those looking for winter sun holidays without hassle at a great price. You will find popular winter sun destinations including the Canary Islands, the Maldives, Spain, Dubai, and Mexico. 

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Jet2 Winter Sun Holidays

Another airline that offers winter sun breaks is Jet2 which flies from a large number of airports across the UK including Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol, and Belfast. As a provider of low-cost fares, you are sure to find a great deal on off-peak flights from the city break through to all-inclusive destinations. Winter sun locations with Jet2 include Spain, Malta, Portugal, and Cyprus

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BA Winter Sun Holidays

British Airways offer one of the most varying winter sun destinations that stretch from European beach holidays to Caribbean getaways to Middle East winter breaks. BA’s wide range of winter sun locations offers something for everyone who wants a truly dreamy winter break. With too many destinations to mention it's best to visit their website to find everything from all-inclusive breaks, city breaks, luxury getaways, and much more. 

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Pack For Summer - In The Winter!

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Unlike more traditional winter holidays you will be less likely to be taking jumpers and coats on a winter sun break. Whatever you choose to bring you will find that our range of Tripp luggage will allow you to safely transport your belongings in style.  Discover our range of cabin bags and suitcases and discover why we are the UK’s most trusted luggage supplier.

12th October 2022

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