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Heading off on holiday and looking for the lowdown on EasyJet hand luggage and baggage allowance? Read through our latest blog post that is aimed at helping you get the correct and most up-to-date information for your travels. Making sure you have the best-suited easyJetcabin bag and hold luggage will ensure that the only surprise at the airport will potentially be a free upgrade!


EasyJet Luggage Allowance

EasyJet is renowned for offering affordable fares to many of the world's most popular destinations and much like all of the popular airlines has strict luggage restrictions that must be followed.


Carry-on Restrictions

The bare basics of the EasyJet luggage allowance are that all passengers are allowed to take one piece of hand luggage as standard. Travellers can increase this allowance by paying extra for either an Up Front or Extra Leg room seat upgrade or simply paying a fee to include a different item of hand luggage. This option will allow an additional cabin bag to be taken on board with you. You can find out more about sizes and weights further on!



Hold Luggage Restrictions

As EasyJet’s priority is keeping prices down, you will find that no hold luggage is included as standard. Instead, each traveller can purchase up to three hold bags. This option is not only limited to adults as both children and infants (who have a booked seat) can have three extra paid bags as part of their allowance. The good news for families is that EasyJet hold luggage can also be pooled between everyone on the same booking. A standard hold bag is 23kg and any extra weight can be purchased up to a maximum of 32kg per bag/suitcase.


EasyJet Hand Luggage

Depending upon your destination and length of stay you may well be able to include all of your holiday essentials within your hand luggage, so getting the best from your cabin bags, duffles and holdalls is essential!



Cabin Bag Allowances - EasyJet

Standard Cabin Bag 

As mentioned earlier all customers can take one small cabin bag with them onboard. This included bag must fit underneath the seat in front of you so should be a maximum size of 45 x 36 x 20cm and a maximum weight of 15KG. 


EasyJet Cabin Bag Upgrades

If you want to increase your cabin luggage allowance without the need for purchasing hold luggage, there are 3 options to choose from that will allow adding an extra large cabin bag. These additional bags must fit within an overhead storage locker, be a maximum size of 56 x 45 x 25 cm, and weigh no more than 15kg.

1. Up Front Seats

Up Front seats not only give you the option to bring an additional piece of hand luggage, but they also offer speedy boarding and dedicated bag drop. Depending upon prices this could be an included extra not to be missed if you want to make things go even smoother.

2. Extra Legroom Seats

Extra Legroom passengers receive all of the benefits of Upfront seat holders alongside more extra legroom in front of them to stretch out and perfect for those of us who are taller.

3. Large cabin bag upgrade

To simply add a large cabin bag to your booking, you will find this option when booking to be cheaper but without the additional perks mentioned above.

Whichever option you go for, be aware that bags are checked and must fit through the airline sizer, and if not, have to be placed within the hold (charges apply!). To make this even easier, easyJet has a sizing tool within their mobile app.


EasyJet Plus Card 

If you are a frequent flyer you can (for an annual fee of course!) get access to a large number of benefits including an additional cabin bag on all journeys with the virtual EasyJet Plus card. At the time of writing the annual cost of this membership is £215 and depending upon the frequency of travelling you do, can be a great benefit. More details can be found on the dedicated website here.


Flex Fare Purchasers

The Flexi Fare is aimed more toward business travellers who often have to change flight dates when plans change. These flights are more expensive but offer a level of flexibility and a large number of benefits such as an extra cabin bag, item of hold luggage, and food and drink vouchers. As mentioned this option is expensive in comparison to others and buying the luggage upgrades separately works out a lot cheaper. 


EasyJet Hold Luggage

Images by @kat_gotyourtongueblog via Instagram

Apart from Flexi Fare passengers, everyone has to buy EasyJet hold luggage if they need more room for their belongings and cabin bags aren't enough.  Every customer can purchase up to three hold bags, a standard-size bag can weigh up to 23kg and be increased in 3kg units up to 32kg.  Adults, children, and infants (who have a booked seat) can all buy up to 3 cases and if travelling under the same booking, be pooled. Checked baggage can be added to your booking online, at the airport, or over the phone with prices differing depending on the destination. You can expect to pay between £6.99 - £42.49 per bag with airport prices being more expensive, so book in advance!

Larger and bulkier items such as sporting equipment or musical instruments can be checked in as hold luggage, it’s best to check with easyJet to be sure. Once again each item must not exceed 32kg in weight. 


EasyJet Baggage Allowance FAQs

Here are just a few frequently asked questions about EasyJet’s luggage restrictions, for any others please don’t hesitate to contact them directly with any questions. 


What Is The Easyjet Infant Baggage Allowance?

If you are flying with children or infants there are a couple of exceptions that apply to you when it comes to baggage allowance.

If you are travelling with an under 5 you can check in two additional items for free if needed. These items include pushchairs, prams, booster seats or travel cots but please refer to the website to make sure. Also, infants with booked seats, alongside children over the age of two have the same cabin/hold luggage allowance. 


How Easy Is It To Upgrade My Easyjet Baggage Allowance? 


The easiest and also cheapest way to upgrade your EasyJet baggage allowance is to buy additional cabin bags or hold luggage online. This can be easily carried out via the website or app after your flight has been booked but before you check in online.

How Strict Is Easyjet On Baggage Allowance?

As with most airlines, EasyJet is strict with hand and hold luggage sizes and weights. If the cabin bag does not fit the sizer at the check-in desk you will be asked to store it as hold luggage and pay excess fees. Any hold luggage that exceeds the maximum weight limit (32kg) will not be allowed on board. So make sure you check everything and then check again before leaving for the airport!

Baggage Fees easyJet (at time of writing)


Small Cabin Bags - The fee for any bag or item brought to the airport that is over a customer’s small cabin bag allowance (45 x 36 x 20 cm) will be £24 and the bag will be placed in the hold.

Large Cabin Bags - The fee for any bag or item brought to the airport that is over the maximum large cabin bag allowance size (56 x 45 x 25 cm). Will be charged £48 and the bag placed in the hold. 

Hold Luggage - Any hold luggage which is found to be over its pre-booked weight will be charged at £12 per kilo, per item. Please note that the maximum weight per hold item cannot exceed 32kg.

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Images by @laurafulgoney & @peexo via Instagram

As you can see there are many rules and regulations to adhere to when flying with easyjet. To make things easier we have created a collection of stylish hold suitcases and large cabin bags that are perfect when travelling with easyJet. Make your luggage stands out at the airport and add some personality to your travels with our range of eye-catching, stylish and durable luggage. 

These details have been checked and were correct at time of writing (September 2022). Please always check with your airline before travelling as their allowances may change.

9th October 2022

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