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No suitcase collection says holiday like our ‘Holiday 6’ range, not just because it's the name but because it offers so much to travellers looking for the best luggage on the high-street. We love our ‘Holiday 6’ range so much that we thought we would help introduce you to it and show you why it has become our most popular luggage range of all time here at Tripp.

With its worldwide exclusive iconic design, the Holiday 6 collection ensures you always stand out from the crowd. As well as looking stylish, this luggage collection is manufactured in the UK to the highest standards, it’s ultra-lightweight and is great value for money. Holiday 6 is also Good Housekeeping Institute Approved 2022, so don't just take our word for it!

The Holiday 6 range comes in three sizes of hard shell case (cabin, medium and large) and a range of eye-catching colours that we updated to keep the collection looking fresh and on-trend.  It really is one of our most iconic collections, and is instantly recognisable as ‘Tripp’ from the moment you see it.  


Holiday 6 Luggage Design

Designed in the UK, the Holiday 6 collection features a clamshell design with a sturdy zip running through the middle of the case, allowing you to pack both sides of the case with ease. As both sides open equally, the compartments are shallower than other case designs which only open from the lid, making it easier to pack and easier to locate items when packed and under pressure!

Each section offers its own individual qualities, helping you arrange and pack your belongings effectively. One compartment contains a mesh divider that is secured by a zip making it perfect for bulky items such as shoes, books or winter staples. The second side of the case features elasticated packing straps which again support and secure your belongings.


Materials & Weight

Our range of Holiday 6 cases are the perfect meeting point of durability and weight, two of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a new suitcase. Made from 100% polypropylene built around an aluminium frame, you can be assured of a case that will stand the test of time but yet is lightweight and easy to move.



Bright, colourful and eye-catching are just some of the comments that we receive from our customers regarding Holiday 6’s range of colours. Striking enough that you can easily spot them on the luggage carousel, yet durable enough to ensure they pass the test of time!

The variety of colours available and the design of the case means there’s a Holiday 6 case to suit everyone. They are particularly popular with families and children, a different colour for every family member!  The Holiday 6 Cabin suitcase was awarded the Best Suitcase for Kids in The Independent in May 2022!  It scored 10/10 and was the best overall case for kids - what an endorsement!  Click here to view the article


Image by @Natalie_vaughan via Instagram

Being our most popular range, we receive many requests to re-release past colours, so keep an eye out for any colour changes on our website. Current colours include: 

  • Ocean

  • Flamingo

  • Watermelon

  • Banana

  • Black

  • Slate




 Holiday 6 Suitcase Sizes


Choosing the right sized suitcase is a really important factor to consider when travelling. To make choosing easier our range of cases come in three different sizes.



  • Dimensions: Height: 55cm, Width: 40cm, Depth: 20cm 

  • Capacity: 37 litres 

  • Weight: 2.7 KG 

Our cabin case size is large enough for weekend trips and its dimensions comply with the majority of airline restrictions including Easyjet Up Front, Ryanair Priority, British Airways, Virgin and TUI to name a few. 



  • Height: 66cm, Width: 45cm, Depth: 26cm 

  • Capacity: 66 litres

  • Weight: 3.2 KG

Our medium-sized cases are great for short to medium-haul holidays, offering plenty of room and great manoeuvrability.  This size suitcase is ideal for a 1 week - 10 day holiday.



  • Height: 76cm, Width: 50cm, Depth: 32cm

  • Capacity: 102 litres

  • Weight: 3.9 KG

Our large size Holiday 6 cases are perfect for long trips where space means everything. If you are looking for a couple's case with ample capacity, the large holiday 6 case is a great choice when you only want to bring one case between you.  This is the perfect size for a 2 week holiday or if you’re packing for yourself and one of the kids.


 Images by @alexjsutton1 @katebrowczuk @ebonyday1 via Instagram


Suitcase Features



Our Holiday 6 cases all come with a TSA lock as standard. These extremely secure locks allow your luggage to be opened, inspected, and relocked by airport security without any damage to your luggage.  When you receive your Holiday suitcase, you will be given instructions of how to set the TSA combination lock, we’d recommend writing the code down somewhere safe.  You won’t receive an additional key with the TSA lock although it looks like there is a space for a key to go into the lock, this hole is only for the TSA operatives to use to unlock your case and then re-lock it so that they don’t have to damage the case to gain access.



Sporting 4 x 360° spinner wheels makes transporting your case a doddle at the airport, in turn limiting stress and making your overall travel experience more enjoyable.  The cases are tested on 2 wheels and 4 so they’ll cover all types of terrain.



To make life easier there are ample handles on our Holiday 6 cases, one retractable pull handle, and a top grab handle. The large and medium sizes also come with an additional side grab handle so it makes manoeuvring the case off the luggage belt or onto the scales at check-in more comfortable. The retractable handle can be set to two different heights, making it perfect for little ones that want to help out. Grab handles are conveniently located at the top of our Cabin suitcases to give a helping hand when moving in and out of overhead bins or lockers.  



Our Holiday 6 cabin cases are designed to fit the specifications for most major airlines' carry-on luggage restrictions, including:


  • Ryanair Priority

  • EasyJet Up Front

  • British Airways

  • TUI


We rest our case.

As you can see from the above, the holiday 6 collection has so many features that set it above the rest with impeccable standards in its durability and style. This collection is constantly commended by the UK’s top travel journalists, continually featured in countless press articles, but most importantly is loved by our happy customers.  

View our full Holiday 6 Collection and get ready to journey the Tripp Way, and with our 5-year guarantee, you can travel in confidence. 

View the full Holiday 6 Collection


25th August 2022

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