Helpful Brexit

Travelling after Brexit?


If you are planning to travel to the EU in 2020, the good news is, you can expect everything to stay the same as it has been, until the end of the ‘transition period’ end of 2020.

  • This means British passport holders will not need a Schengen Visa and can continue to use the same gates at boarder control when visiting EU countries.
  • EHIC card holders,  which provide emergency medical care will still be valid throughout 2020.
  • Mobile Roaming at no additional charge will continue to apply throughout 2020.
  • A full UK driving licence will continue to be all you need to drive in the EU.

From 2021 onwards, UK citizens on a short stay in the EU - up to 90 days in any 180 days - will be granted visa-free travel, if travelling for tourism.

Enjoy your Tripp